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A Change of Seasons

September 24th, 2010

We’re winding down from the height of the growing season here at Gaia Farm. Fall is a good time to collect and save our seed. Seed saving encourages plant diversity and ensures heritage plant varieties exist into the future. Here at Gaia Herbs, we like the fact we can trace our herbs from seed to finished product. That way we can be sure of the highest quality of seed while growing plants that are perfectly suited for our region.

Cover crops (vetch, rye, winter peas) are established now to help build the soil. In the spring, the cover crops will be tilled in to the ground before our herbs are planted. Trees will be pruned while dormant to stimulate new growth in warmer weather.

In preparation for winter, the farm crew is stowing equipment in the barns where it will be serviced for next year. Inventory of tools: shovels, hoes and digging forks will highlight what we need to purchase come spring. Our greenhouses and hoop houses will be cleaned out and water pipes emptied so the freezing temperatures won’t cause damage. And our hardworking farm crew will get some downtime before the start of a new growing season.

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