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Supporting Community Health

December 29th, 2011

The Gaia Farm Produce Program

The Gaia Farm Produce Program delivers fresh organic produce to Bread of Life Center, Gaia Herbs’ local community kitchen and food bank. In doing this, we help bring healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables to those in need.

Community Produce Benefits – By the Numbers
$14,000…The approximate value of organic produce donated in 2010
5,816…The pounds of organic produce grown for our community kitchen in 2010
180…The number of people served by Bread of Life on an average day
50…The approximate number of produce deliveries made by Gaia Herbs to Bread of Life in an average year
7…The number of months the Produce Program operates- from May through November
2…Times each week produce is delivered from Gaia Farm in season
0…Number of miles Bread of Life must travel to get their produce. We deliver!

This program’s effect goes beyond improving our food quality compared to the standard American diet. It delivers an environmental, social, and economic impact.

All of Gaia Farm’s produce, from arugula to zucchini, is grown organically and then travels feet (not miles) to reach Bread of Life’s kitchen.

Food is one of the most basic needs of sustaining life. By providing healthy food resources to our community kitchen, we help strengthen the social fabric of our closeknit community.

Community kitchens are being hit hard by the recession, when they are needed the most. Donations of organic food help our community kitchen in serving people in economic distress.

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