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Green Business Partnerships

February 21st, 2013

How Our Shipping Boxes Fund Green Initiatives

As manufacturers, we receive materials in cardboard boxes just like you. We collect this waste and send it to Pratt Industries, a corrugated manufacturer who then converts it into our own shipping boxes! Since we are supplying the raw material to make our own boxes, Pratt Industries gives us a rebate which goes to the Gaia Herbs Green Team general fund, set aside to pay for more green initiatives!

By using 100% recycled shipping boxes, Gaia Herbs saved the following natural resources in 2011:

Gallons of water

Kilowatt hours of power

651 Trees

38 Tons of CO2 Emissions

Rebate dollars earned in 2011 from Pratt Industries by supplying them with our waste cardboard. This money is used by Gaia Herbs to pay for more green initiatives.

Closed-loop systems such as these prevent cardboard from winding up in landfills, reduce energy consumption, and saves trees.

When companies with an environmental emphasis work to strengthen one another, more jobs are generated for those who want to work for green businesses.

This partnership helps fund Green Team programs at Gaia Herbs. This team manages grant-writing for farm programs, maintains our solar panels, helps with energy efficiency ideas, reducing waste, and much more.

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