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Recent Press Releases

02.20.15 Gaia Herbs and Navitas Naturals Pledge Commitment to Maca Quality

02.09.15 Gaia Herbs Calls for Industry-Wide Herbal Supplement Transparency and Increased Consumer Education

10.29.14 Gaia Herbs Presents Its Pioneering ID Validation Program at US Pharmacopeial Convention

10.23.14 Gaia Herbs Invited to Present at U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention Meeting

06.24.14 Gaia Herbs Welcomes Todd King as VP of Marketing

03.05.14 Gaia Herbs Announces Support for AHPA Research

01.14.14 Natural Products Industry Veteran Guinevere Lynn Joins Gaia Herbs as Director of Sales

11.04.13 Gaia Herbs Herbal Energy Plus Stress Response Shot Presented with Best of Supplements Award from Better Nutrition Magazine

06.24.13 Gaia Herbs Receives Award for Sustainable Excellence at Annual LOHAS Conference in Boulder

03.06.13 Gaia Herbs Introduces Great-Tasting PlantForce® Liquid Iron Supplement at Natural Products Expo West

03.06.13 Gaia Herbs Introduces 99.9% Caffeine-Free Herbal Energy Plus Shots at Natural Products Expo West

03.06.13 Gaia Herbs Introduces USDA Certified Organic Gelatinized Maca Powder at the Natural Products Expo West

03.04.13 Gaia Herbs Refreshes Look of Liquid Extract Line with Consumer-Friendly Redesign

02.19.13 Gaia Herbs speaks to community about the importance of clean natural resources. Click to view the article that appeared in our local Transylvania Times newspaper

01.01.13 Gaia Herbs Introduces Simpler and Less Expensive Supreme Cleanse Kit

Check out this 5 minute video of Gaia Herbs being featured on Public Television’s “North Carolina Rising” program http://video.iptv.org/video/1867148619

03.19.12 Gaia Herbs Introduces Two New Medicinal Teas – Lactation Support and Throat Shield

12.15.11 Gaia Herbal Teas selected as one of the Top 10 New Products of 2011. Click to view the article that appeared in Vitamin Retailer Magazine

12.11.11 Adrenal Health and SleepThru products are prominently featured in a Vitamin Retailer article about adrenal stress and fatigue

12.05.11 Gaia Herbs executive team members are interviewed in an Organic Products Retailer Trend Watch article that discusses what is necessary to deliver safe organic supplements

08.08.11 Gaia Herbs introduces SleepThru to Complement Sleep Support Offerings

04.28.11 Gaia Herbs Website Honored by Webby Awards

03.09.11 Gaia Herbs Expands Supplement Line to Include Medicinal Teas

02.24.11 Gaia Herbs Rebrand Recognized Among the 2011 REBRAND 100 Global Awards Winners

10.06.10 Gaia Herbs Named Business and Industry Leader for Collaboration with Transylvania Vocational Services

06.23.10 Gaia Herbs Professional Solutions Division Awarded Gold Partner Status from Emerson Quality Program

06.22.10 Gaia Herbs Launches Meet Your Herbs Traceability Program

04.26.10 Gaia Herbs New Packaging Ships to Natural Products Stores Nationwide

03.24.10 Gaia Herbs Honored with 2010 AHPA Industry Leader Award

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Ecologically Harvested is a term that describes all herbs sold by Gaia Herbs that are not Certified Organic. Ecologically Harvested herbs include herbs that are harvested in their natural habitat, (i.e., wild harvested) according to specific guidelines for harvesting these herbs (i.e., away from roads and industry, as well as guidelines to avoid overharvesting). Our term, Ecologically Harvested, also includes herbs that are grown in managed woodland areas, fields designated for specific herbs, and herbs that are grown by indigenous growers, such as Kava Kava. All Ecologically Harvested herbs pass pesticide and heavy metal testing as well as microbial testing, prior to release.