Products for: Women's Reproductive Function

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    buy now Black Cohosh

    Healthy female reproductive function*

    Black Cohosh has a long history of use - now backed by scientific evidence - for helping support a healthy female reproductive system. Each serving of Gaia's Black Cohosh Liquid Phyto-caps contains a guaranteed 4 mg of active Triterpene Glycosides. Taken as needed, Black Cohosh can help support a woman's body during natural transitional hormonal states.*

    Herbs:  Black Cohosh

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    buy now Black Cohosh Root

    500 mg/ml herb equivalency

    • Supports the Body’s Adaptation Associated with Normal Menstrual Cycles
    • Supports the Female Reproductive Organs
    • Supports the Normal Symptomatic Transition into Menopause

    Herbs:  Black Cohosh

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    buy now Chaste Tree Berry, Certified Organic

    250 mg/ml herb equivalency

    • Provides Support for a Normal Menstrual Cycle *
    • Support for the Transition into Menopause and Eases *
    • Supports a Healthy Balance of Normal Levels of Female Hormones *

    Herbs:  Chaste Tree

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    buy now Dong Quai Root

    500 mg/ml herb equivalency

    • Help Support the Normal Process of Menstruation and Menopause
    • Supports the Female Reproductive System

    Herbs:  Dong Quai

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    buy now Dong Quai Supreme

    Concentrated synergistic formula

    • Provides a Natural Hormonal Balance During the Onset Of Menopause
    • Rich Natural Source of Phytoestrogens
    • Support for the Peri-Menopause and Menopausal Years
    • Concentrated Synergistic Formula

    Herbs:  Black Cohosh, Chamaelirium, Dong Quai, Ginger Root, Licorice, Partridge, Saw Palmetto

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    buy now Fem-Restore Supreme

    Concentrated synergistic formula

    • To Support the Female Reproductive System
    • Promote Wellness of the Liver and Lymphatic Tissues
    • Encourages Dextoxifcation of Metabolic Wastes from the Reproductive Tissues
    • Concentrated Synergistic Formula

    Herbs:  Chamaelirium, Cinnamon Bark, Fraxinus, Ginger Rhizome, Goldenseal, Lobelia, Mayapple, Red Root

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    buy now Motherwort Tops, Certified Organic

    500 mg/ml herb equivalency

    • Supports Healthy Cardiovascular Function *
    • Support for the Female Reproductive System*
    • Support For Occasional Stress Due to Common Everyday Overwork and Fatigue*

    Herbs:  Motherwort

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    buy now Red Clover Supreme

    Contains Gaia Farm grown herbs

    • Rich Source of Naturally Occurring Plant Phytoestrogens
    • Supports Body During Menopause
    • Encourages Healthy Detoxification
    • Promotes Healthy Skin and Appearance

    Herbs:  Burdock root, Cleavers, Licorice, Nettle Leaf, Plantain Leaf, Prickly Ash, Red Clover, Yarrow, Yellow Dock