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Products Containing Mayapple

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    buy now Fem-Restore Supreme

    Concentrated synergistic formula

    This concentrated synergistic formulation contains herbs that support the female reproductive system.* Fem-Restore Supreme Supreme promotes wellness of the liver and lymphatic tissues, and it encourages detoxification of metabolic wastes from the reproductive tissues.*

    Herbs:  Chamaelirium, Cinnamon, Fraxinus, Ginger Rhizome, Goldenseal, Lobelia, Mayapple, Red Root

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    buy now Scudder's Alterative Supreme

    Traditional Eclectic formula

    This traditional Eclectic formulation encourages healthy removal of cellular wastes and healthy uptake of cellular nutrition.* It promotes excretion and detoxification, as well as healthy skin and appearance.* Scudder’s Alterative Supreme supports healthy immune system functions, too.*

    Herbs:  Alder, Corydalis, Figwort, Mayapple, Yellow Dock