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Cinnamon Bark

Products Containing Cinnamon Bark

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    buy now Cinnamon Bark

    Helps maintain normal blood sugar*

    Cinnamon bark helps support a healthy glycemic balance by supporting healthy blood sugar metabolism.* Gaia Herbs uses dual extraction technology to deliver the broadest spectrum of herbal constituents: Solvent-free supercritical CO2 extraction, yielding fat-soluble Cinnamaldehydes, and water and alcohol extraction, capturing water-soluble Phenolic compounds.

    Herbs:  Cinnamon Bark ,

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    buy now Cinnamon Bark, Certified Organic

    333 mg/ml herb equivalency

    • Supports Digestion and the Occasional Feeling of Fullness within the Stomach*
    • Warming Digestive Aid*
    • Support for Normal Blood Sugar Metabolism*

    Herbs:  Cinnamon Bark

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    buy now Fem-Restore

    Concentrated synergistic formula

    • To Support the Female Reproductive System
    • Promote Wellness of the Liver and Lymphatic Tissues
    • Encourages Dextoxifcation of Metabolic Wastes from the Reproductive Tissues
    • Concentrated Synergistic Formula

    Herbs:  Chamaelirium , Cinnamon Bark , Fraxinus , Ginger Rhizome , Goldenseal , Lobelia , Mayapple , Red Root

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    buy now Glycemic Health

    Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels*

    Because every cell relies on glucose to function, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is essential for the health of all body systems. Glycemic Health® features a unique blend of herbs such as Bitter Melon, Cinnamon, and Fenugreek. Considerable research has shown these herbs help maintain healthy levels of blood sugar that are already within normal range when used with a healthy diet.*

    Herbs:  Bitter Melon , Cinnamon Bark , Fenugreek , Ginger Root , Jambul , Turmeric