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Lemon Verbena


This deciduous bush is native to several South American countries. Its been noted to grow up to 25 feet tall and likes warm temperatures and light loam soil. You will think you are in a field of Lemon-Lime lollipops when you are around this plant in the garden. It is unique in that you do not have to bruise the leaves for the fragrance to be so dominant. The essential…


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Products Containing Lemon Verbena

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    A healthy digestive system is key to optimizing health by supporting normal assimilation of nutrients after meals. Herbal Digest tea, enjoyed after a meal, can be useful for every day digestive distress.* Herbal Digest tea offers a naturally pleasant taste through its balance of aromatic and digestive ingredients such as Ginger root, organic Peppermint, and organic Lemon Verbena.

    Herbs:  Caraway, Gentian Root, Ginger Root, Lemon Verbena, Licorice Root, Peppermint Leaf, Star Anise, Yarrow Leaf