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    buy now Fresh Breath

    Made with Organic Peppermint

    Fresh Breath is a unique blend of herbs formulated not only to freshen breath, but to support mouth health as well.* The pleasant "ginger-mint" taste comes from certified organic Peppermint leaf and Ginger root extracts. Thyme is included to promote a healthy balance of microbes in the mouth.* Prickly Ash bark extract adds a tongue "tingle" and helps support saliva production for long-lasting fresh breath and relief from dry mouth symptoms.*

    Herbs:  Clove , Ginger , Licorice , Peppermint Leaf , Prickly Ash , Thyme

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    buy now Para-shield

    Optimizes digestive flora*

    A healthy balance of digestive flora is important in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Gaia Herbs’ Para-Shield® formula was designed to support the gastro- intestinal tract, with herbs known to help maintain the body’s natural immune defenses.* It also includes digestion supporting herbs like Gentian and Ginger.*

    Herbs:  Black Walnut , Clove , Coptis , Gentian , Ginger Rhizome , Pomegranate , Sweet Wormwood ,