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Wild Oats


This plant is a classic restorative tonic which bridges the gap between herbs and food. Oats are of the natural order Graminacea or grass family. Eclectic and Physiomedical practitioners used the extract of the green oat seed “in the milk” for supporting many nervous conditions, supporting healthy sleep patterns, promoting healthy heart function when weakened due to illness, and maintaining healthy nerves while in recovery from various addictions (mainly morphine and opium during the late 1800’s). It was also used to support male sexual function.


The seed is rich in protein and minerals, especially high in potassium and magnesium. These minerals are more predominant when the seed is in the milky stage. Wild Oat Milky Seed also contains B-complex vitamins. Most of the published research on Avena sativa has been conducted on the rolled or prepared oats, beta-glucans and fiber contained in the oat. The relaxing properties of minerals on tissues is well noted and may in part contribute to Wild Milky Oats positive benefit in supporting the nervous system.

Uses of Wild Oats


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