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Farm Season in Full Swing

May 1st, 2011

The growing season is ramping up here at the Gaia Farm. Of course there’s the usual herb seedling graduation from greenhouse—to hoop house—to ground. Our second planting of Echinacea angustifolia- contributed to a total of one million Echinacea plants on our farm this month!

Nettle leaf has just been picked; the California Poppy has its true leaves; and we just wrapped up the hand-harvest of the leaf and flower bud clusters of our Hawthorn trees. The buds and attached leaves are carefully selected in the bud stage just before the flowers open. This precise window allows Gaia to harvest the trees when the bioactive constituents are at their peak.

And we can’t forget the emergence of the Tiphia Wasp…a Gaia Farm friend! This is the time of year that the wasps feed off the nectar of the tulip poplars surrounding the farm. While they’re in town they also paralyze the underground Japanese beetle larvae (an insect that destroys a variety of agricultural crops, including herbs), lay a wasp egg that eventually hatches and ingests the rest of the Japanese beetle. This is organic pest management as it’s best: sit back and let nature’s cycles do the work to create a balanced system.

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