Sleep & Relax Herbal Tea

"Buckle up for a relaxing-AF brew."

Golden Milk

"This Golden Milk [...] Will Be Your Debloating Post-Workout Staple"


"This combination is a surefire way to snooze better."

Sleep & Relax Herbal Tea

"This Tea Cleanse Will Help Get Your Body Into Peak Performance"

Giving Back to the Earth

While Earth Day is officially on April 22nd, at Gaia Herbs we celebrate Earth Day every day and constantly strive to improve the quality of our Earth through practices that support and give back to nature.
Giving Back to the Earth
That's why Gaia Herbs loves partnering and supporting Doselva.

Doselva is a socially responsible organic farming social impact enterprise in Nicaragua that works with farmers to grow high quality herbs and spices while educating farmers on regenerative agriculture techniques.

Why Regenerative Farming?

Our primary Turmeric partner, Doselva is a socially responsible organic farming enterprise in Nicaragua that puts as much focus on their social and environmental goals as they do on their profit.

Committed to going the extra mile for the Earth and its soil, farmers in the Doselva network practice regenerative agriculture, which is, at its core, about healing the Earth, and leaving things better than you found it.

By using regenerative techniques like agroforestry, these farmers are able to encourage biodiversity in the soil and surrounding ecosystems, fight climate change, and create more resilient farming communities.
Why Regenerative Farming?

Why Customers Love Gaia Herbs

Turmeric Supreme® Extra Strength


Very helpful
This stuff is great! It has made such a huge difference for me. I can definitely tell when I don’t take it and I love that this brand doesn’t have all the extra stuff added in!

- Lauren H.

Ashwagandha Root


Sleeping good
These seem to help with my sleeping. I haven’t been waking up with anxiety and sleep through the night.

- Bonnie C.

Mighty Lungs


Whenever I order from Gaia I feel I am getting quality and freshness.

- Jo K.