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Traditionally for supporting healthy digestion, our Ginger Supreme is made up of 150 mg of Organic Ginger, and 25 mg of Turmeric Root. This gentle blend is a great aid for those times when you occasionally overindulge. Get Ginger Supreme today for 50% off from 5-8 PM during Herby Hour! Use code GENTLEGINGER.
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Why Customers Love Ginger Supreme

Ginger Supreme 08/23/23

Gentle & refreshing
I love ginger, so maybe I’m biased. I haven’t been taking it very long, so I’m not sure about the effect yet, but I’m enjoying it so far. I was worried about my gastric reflux becoming an issue, but so far I’ve taken it at breakfast and lunch and had no problems. There is sometimes a warming sensation when the capsule first opens in the stomach, bRead more about review stating Gentle & refreshingut it subsides quickly, especially with water.

- Leslie, Verified Reviewer

Ginger Supreme 06/12/23

I have been using Gaia turmeric for several years and have been very pleased. This is my first time using the ginger and so far so good!

- Cindy C.

Ginger Supreme 04/05/22

Since starting this product, my morning nausea and stomach pain has subsided. I am 62 and it’s a much needed relief.

- Janet M., Verified Buyer