A healthy gut microbiome is essential for optimal digestive health and immune function, but maintaining your gut health isn’t always easy to do on your own. Find support with our new line of vegan, plant-based digestive products that maintain a healthy GI tract and microbiome to help get your gut back in balance, so you can trust your gut again.*

GI Feel Good

Stress can come at you from all directions, whether it’s managing a busy schedule, helping your kids with homework, or big life moments like a job interview. Handle everyday stressors with ease and leave the butterflies behind with GI Feel Good.* This great-tasting liquid, which is taken as needed, is made with Chamomile, Fennel seed, and other herbs traditionally used to support an upset or distressed stomach due to anxiousness.*

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Microbiome Cleanse

Microbiome Cleanse contains a blend of herbs traditionally known to support digestive health, balance the GI tract, maintain a healthy microbiome, and support the body’s natural cleansing process, including Black Walnut and Sweet Wormwood.* This product helps to prepare the GI tract for additional support from prebiotic products like our Microbiome Food.*

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Microbiome Food

Prebiotics offer the nourishment that your healthy digestive flora need to thrive. With a comforting Cinnamon taste, Microbiome Food is a clean, plant-based prebiotic powder made with Larch and Acacia gum to nourish the microbiome and support optimal digestion.* Made without fillers, flavors, or sweeteners, this powder can easily be mixed in water to support your overall digestive health.*

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The Power of Transparency

Use the world’s first herb traceability tool to discover the origin of your herbs and see validation of your product’s quality.

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