Nourish Your Body

With Mushrooms & Herbs
to support cognitive, energy and immune health.*

Blueberry Boost Smoothie

Supporting your immune health is easy and delicious with this blueberry banana smoothie featuring Immune Shine™.*

Mindful Mango Smoothie

Need a study snack? Try this mango banana smoothie featuring Mind Spring™, to help maintain brain health.*

Immune Shine™

Immune Shine is a delicious tasting powder blend combining all the benefits of mushrooms that support immune health with herbs traditionally used to maintain overall well-being.* Adding Immune Shine to your daily routine is an easy way to support your body’s natural defenses.*

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Mind Spring™

Often, it’s not our bodies that give out on us at the end of the day, but our minds. Mind Spring contains a synergistic blend of mushrooms and full spectrum herbs that help maintain brain health and support emotional well-being.*

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Everyday Adaptogen™

Between managing work, maintaining a home, and having any sort of social life, it's easy to find yourself feeling fatigued. Adding Everyday Adaptogen to your daily routine is a simple way to help you maintain peak performance.*

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Add to Your Favorite Beverage

Our new Mushrooms & Herbs powders can be added to a smoothie, dairy or non-dairy milk, or any other beverage. You can get all of the health benefits of organic mushrooms, plus herbs, with no added fillers, flavors, or sweeteners.

Commitment to Quality

INTEGRITY: Traditional Use
For over 2,000 years, Eastern herbalism has combined the fruiting bodies of mushrooms with herbs for a variety of reasons including maintaining overall health and supporting longevity.* In addition, people have long consumed the fruiting bodies of mushrooms for flavor and nutrition.
POTENCY: Active Constituents
We source only naturally grown, quality-tested mushrooms and use only mushroom fruiting body extracts, with no added fillers, for concentrated potency. Fruiting bodies contain polysaccharides, specifically a type called beta-glucans, which have been studied to support immune health and overall wellness.* The fruiting-body extracts we use contain these polysaccharides, without unnecessary fillers or starches.
PURITY: Grain-Free
When used for supplements, mushrooms are often grown on grains like rice or oats. As a mushroom grows, the mycelium grow into these grains, and the fruiting bodies grow out of it. By using only the fruiting bodies, we do not harvest any of the growth substrate, thereby keeping our products free of grains and starches — so they can be consumed by people following a paleo, keto, or any grain-free diet.