It's more important than ever to take care of your lungs. With both heightened immune challenges and exposure to environmental pollutions, provide your lungs with the support they need.* Discover our new line of Respiratory Support products to help keep you breathing easy.*


Made with organic and wild-harvested ingredients.


Concentrated formulas, using traditional herbal wisdom.


Tested and verified with full transparency at meetyourherbs.com.

Mighty Lungs™

Provide your lungs with the support they need to help you keep breathing easy.* This powerful blend combines adaptogenic and respiratory-supporting herbs for long-term lung health.*

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Sinus Comfort™

During challenging immune seasons or seasonal changes, add this harmonious blend of herbs to your daily routine for additional sinus support.*

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Black Seed Oil

With lung health being more important than ever, you can provide your lungs with the support that they need with this powerful single herb extract that helps keep lungs working optimally and efficiently.*

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Sinus & Lung Supreme™

Sinus pressure and lung congestion can make you feel miserable. At the first sign of a challenge, turn to this formula, designed to support respiratory health when you need it the most.*

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