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    Horizon Herbs
    Horizon Herbs is a certified organic farm and organic processor located in the Williams Valley of southern Oregon. The…

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    Pacific Botanicals
    Gaia Herbs shares Pacific Botanicals’ sustainable agricultural values; as a result Pacific Botanicals is one of the most experienced…

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    Trout Lake Farm
    Trout Lake Farm was born in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State in 1973. The tiny Trout Lake valley…


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Our people are our strength, and to us, they are more than workers or partners—they are our family. We invite you to meet them by clicking on any of the links above.

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Horizon Herbs

Horizon Herbs is a certified organic farm and organic processor located in the Williams Valley of southern Oregon. The Cech family grows a variety of medicinal herbs and is dedicated to providing untreated, open-pollinated, vigorous and viable seeds. Gaia Herbs is proud to work with Horizon Herbs to source high quality, wild-harvested and certified organic seed for the Gaia Farm.

Horizon Herbs’ land lies clasped between the outstretched arms of the Siskiyou Mountains. There is a perennial creek and a number of different soil types including sandy loam in the creek bottoms and rocky clay in the fields. Medicinal herbs tend to thrive in the rocky clay, unlike a lot of food crops, which would not be vigorous in such soils. Seed collecting begins with Chickweed in the early spring and continues past the first frosts, which is when Poke berries are harvested. The woodland gardens mature out Black and Blue Cohosh, Goldenseal and Stone Root in terraced beds. All the Cechs’ work is hands-on, from growing the plants to collecting, from hand winnowing and cleaning to gently drying medicinal herb seeds.

In addition to foraging and cultivating in the southern Oregon vicinity of the Horizon Herb farm, the Cechs travel extensively throughout the world to procure ecologically wildharvested seed: from the tropical rainforest of Hawaii to the temperate hardwood forests of Kentucky, and internationally with harvesters from Saskatchewan, Australia, China, East India, Greenland, Scotland, England, France, Morocco, East Africa, Israel, Belize, Mexico and Paraguay.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Ecologically Harvested is a term that describes all herbs sold by Gaia Herbs that are not Certified Organic. Ecologically Harvested herbs include herbs that are harvested in their natural habitat, (i.e., wild harvested) according to specific guidelines for harvesting these herbs (i.e., away from roads and industry, as well as guidelines to avoid overharvesting). Our term, Ecologically Harvested, also includes herbs that are grown in managed woodland areas, fields designated for specific herbs, and herbs that are grown by indigenous growers, such as Kava Kava. All Ecologically Harvested herbs pass pesticide and heavy metal testing as well as microbial testing, prior to release.