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Herbal FAQ

Common Questions About Herbs, Our Products, and Their Use

General product, process, and packaging questions

What is Pesticide Testing?

How does Gaia Herbs identify their products?

What is the Phyto-Cap made from?

What is the source of your alcohol?

What is the source of your lecithin in your Liquid Phyto-Cap products?

Do your products contain gluten?

What is Gaia Herbs policy on GMOs?

What does weight-to-volume ratio mean?

How long are herbal extracts good for?

Why does Gaia sometimes extract FRESH herbs and other times DRIED herbs?

What is the best way to store extracts and Phyto-Caps?

Why does this extract look different from the last one I bought?

Why does the extract inside the Phyto-Cap look separated or discolored?

On your labels under suggested use what does “between meals” mean?

Why is the Dry Herb Equivalent statement not included for some Liquid Phyto-cap products?

What is the capsule size used for your encapsulated products?

Terms used on our MeetYourHerbs traceability data pages

Harvest Protocol Validation



Gaia Farm

Certified Organic Farmers

Land Steward Harvesters

Ecologically Harvested

Gaia Validated Partner

Source Bioregions

Why are some source names proprietary?


NeoGen Soleris




Biomarker concentration


How Gaia Herbs moves beyond "standardization"

Alcohol in Gaia's Herbal Extracts

How is dosage determined?

How much alcohol am I taking in a dose of liquid extract?

Can I remove the alcohol if I put the extract in boiling water?

How much water should I take with my liquid drop extracts?

What is the appropriate dosage and duration on your labels?

Are alcohol-free herbal extracts as concentrated as the alcohol extracts?

Can I combine several extracts or formulas and take them together?

Can I use herbal extracts safely during pregnancy?

How long should I take an herbal extract?

Why is there alcohol in herbal extracts?

How do you make your alcohol-free extracts?

What is the source of Gaia Herbs' glycerin?

Why is there alcohol in liquid extracts?

Product-Specific Questions

PlantForce™ Liquid Iron – common questions about this product

Why do you have low-alcohol products for Milk Thistle and Kava Kava rather than alcohol-free?

Can Thyroid Support be used with a hypothyroid medicine like Synthroid?

Can the Cholesterol Vital Maintenance formula be used with a prescription cholesterol medicine?

Can Chaste Tree Berry (_Vitex Agnus-Castus_) be used with hormonal therapies?

Many formulas contain licorice. I have high blood pressure. Does this pose a problem for my condition?

What is the equivalent dose of Green Tea to equal 1 cup of green tea, and what is the caffeine content?

How do I read the expiration date on your products?

Are your Kava Kava products made from the root only?

How much caffeine is in a 99.9% caffeine-free Herbal Energy Plus shot? Is it equivalent to a cup of decaf coffee?

Safety and Contraindications

Are there any herb/drug interactions that I should be concerned about when using herbs?

Do you test for heavy metals, and do you do microbial testing?

If I have known allergies, should I be concerned about any allergic reactions from taking herbs?

Why does Maca Powder have a Cal Prop 65 warning on the label?

Supreme Cleanse Kits

Can I take vitamins and other supplements while cleansing?

Should I fast while cleansing?

How will I know if it is working?

Does the Daily Cleanse Fiber in the Supreme Cleanse kit act as a laxative?

Can I use my prescription medications, such as birth control and high blood pressure medications, in conjunction with the cleanse program?

Can I do a cleanse program if I am sick, have the flu, etc.?

Can I continue to use the program for longer than 2 weeks?

How does the Supreme Cleanse Kit work? Which areas does it cleanse?

Can I take the Daily Cleanse Fiber in something other than water?

Can the cleanses be used during pregnancy and lactation?

What kinds of foods can I eat while cleansing, and can I eat meat?

Can I use the Supreme Cleanse Kit during my menses?

Will I experience any side effects from taking these cleansing formulas?

The Gaia Farm

How does Gaia Herbs recruit farm laborers?