Anna Levesque

Published on May 02, 2019

Anna is the author of Yoga for Paddling, as well as an international paddling, yoga and Ayurveda wellness coach. She inspires and empowers women to own, live and share what makes them one-of-a-kind. Through her Mind Body Paddle program, she encourages power through self-awareness, freedom through discipline, and joy and passion through adventure. Anna dreams of visiting India to experience yoga and Ayurveda in their place of origin. She strives to improve her paddle surfing ability so she can carve up a wave by the time she’s 50—a goal currently in progress!

Anna Levesque smiling

We did a Q&A session with Anna to get to know her better and loved her responses, which show her candid and authentic nature. Here are some of the highlights.


The small village of L’Orignal (which translates to ‘the moose’) on the shores of the Ottawa River in Ontario, Canada.


Asheville, North Carolina

What’s the Best Compliment You Have Received?

This is a tough one to answer! I’m always honored by the acknowledgements that I get from my clients on a regular basis. As far as big acknowledgements, I think that being named one of the 50 Most Inspirational Paddlers Alive by Canoe and Kayak Magazine and then voted the Most Inspirational Outdoors Person in the Blue Ridge by Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine are top of the list.

What Drives You to Push Yourself and Find Success?

What pushes me to continue to run challenging whitewater rivers is a desire to not let myself get complacent or comfortable. Sometimes I’m out on the river feeling nervous and asking myself why I choose to do these scary things. The answer that comes up for me immediately is to remind myself of what’s possible. To remind myself of the skills and courage that I do have, so I don’t forget that I can do anything I set my mind to. In paddle boarding, I’m learning to paddle surf for the same reasons, and because it brings me great joy. The other thing that drives me to be better is my passion for sharing my experience and knowledge with other women who want to live their lives confidently, healthfully and with a dose of adventure.

Anna Levesque with paddleboard

How Does the Gaia Herbs Brand Align with Your Values and Goals?

To me, Gaia Herbs represents a high-quality commitment to health, and sustainability. Not only does Gaia use sustainably sourced herbs, they strive for the highest quality and provide fantastic educational resources for users. I love the articles they publish on their blog that educate folks on their products, how and when to use them. I’m obviously a big believer in the power of education – and high-quality education/programming!

How Do You Live a Healthy, Well-Balanced Life?

I create non-negotiable morning self-care time every day. I have a morning routine that includes Ayurveda, yoga and meditation that I’m very consistent with whether I’m home, on vacation or traveling for work. I do have to be flexible with the length of time that I practice depending on what’s going on that day. Because I’m consistent with my routine I’m confident in my ability to shorten it on days that I need to and then lengthen it back out on days when I’m working from my home office. My dog also helps me keep a good balance because she needs to be walked twice per day, so even on days when I don’t get out on my board, kayak or mountain bike, I always walk twice a day. Walking is the most underrated exercise in my opinion.

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