Your Career Path


Our Culture

Our culture at Gaia Herbs is modeled after the plants that have made us who we are. Rooted in our core values, we find purpose in meaningful, socially responsible work that connects the people, plants, and planet around us. Because our work will never be finished, Gaia aims to be a force for good.

Volunteer Time Off

We live by the adage that “it takes a village.” To help our community grow as well, full-time Gaia Herbs employees receive an annual bank of paid time off specifically for volunteering.

Company Swag

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Gaia Herbs loves to keep employees looking farm-fresh, with gear like event tees, insulated water bottles, golf umbrellas and more!

Product Discounts

At Gaia Herbs, staying healthy is our calling card! One way we help our employees to prioritize their health is by offering deep discounts on the highest quality herbal products on the market.

I take several of our free wellness products. I’m also gluten-free and soy-free, so I don’t have to dissect anything online to see how it’s made or what’s in it.


Fulfillment Associate - Level 2

Benefits & Wellness

Gaia Herbs’ meticulous dedication to quality extends far beyond the herbs we use in our products; we take the same level of care when selecting the wellness programs, benefits, and other perks we offer. You’ve seen how our employees work for Gaia. Now take a look at how Gaia can work for YOU!

Early Insurance Eligibility
Product Discounts
Employee Lunch + Veggie Programs
Immediate PTO + 10 Paid Holidays
Immediate 401K Eligibility
On-site Nurse Practitioner Visits

Gaia Herbs makes it easy to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle by providing monthly access to a Nurse Practitioner – without ever leaving the building!

On-site Nurse Practitioner Visits

Discounted Insurance Premiums

At Gaia Herbs, staying well can also be fun! Adopt healthier habits and complete challenges each quarter to qualify for lower insurance premium rates.

Discounted Insurance Premiums

Monthly Free Wellness Products

Tending to the earth is much easier with the right tools. Gaia Herbs puts the right tools for staying well at your fingertips from immune support to joint health, and everything in between.

Monthly Free Wellness Products

Volunteer Time Off affords us the opportunity to give back to our local community!


Director of IT

Learning & Development

To flourish, plants require specific nutrients and the right environment. At Gaia Herbs, we believe people are only able to grow under the right conditions as well. In pursuit of our mission, we strive every day to cultivate an environment in which our employees can do more than just grow, they can thrive.

Job Levels Program

Gaia Herbs' Job Level programs create opportunities for employees to advance in their area of work. In short, as your skills and experience grow, so does your career!


Available on-the-job or on-the-go, GAIAcademy is a central learning hub that puts resources like Gaia's Herb Reference Guide, safety training, and more at learners' fingertips.

Skill-based Development

By shifting to a skill-based development model, Gaia Herbs gives employees a roadmap to plan their career, highlighting strengths, interests, and opportunities for growth.

Our Job Levels programs outline clear paths for employees who want to take their career to the next level.


Human Resources Manager