6 Ways to Enjoy Golden Milk

Published on April 17, 2017

Golden Milk is having a moment. This delicious blend of Turmeric, Dates and Herbs is enjoying newfound popularity, as more people discover the warm, nourishing blend that's a tonic beverage in Ayurveda. (New to Golden Milk? Then you'll want to check out our Ultimate Guide to Golden Milk.)

Bright yellow in color, Golden Milk makes you feel warm and cozy inside, so it's a huge lure for those who spend the colder months embracing hygge, the Danish affinity for getting, well, cozy. We officially call it "a cup of mindfulness," but one of our employees calls Golden Milk her "hug in a mug," and we like that description, too! This is definitely not a gulp-and-go kind of drink. It's one that becomes part of your daily ritual, a habit that you long for when you're forced to break it. So just how can you integrate Golden Milk into your day? Here are some of our favorite ways.

A Cozy, Caffeine-Free Coffee Substitute & Tea Alternative

Golden Milk is a great alternative to coffee

Because it's caffeine-free, Golden Milk is a popular alternative to coffee and tea and one of our favorite healthy breakfast drinks. Whether you're just not that into caffeinated drinks or you're trying to cut back, Golden Milk can become your go-to. We've heard from plenty of you who love to warm up a mug, and sit, sip and savor during traditional teatime, instead of a "cuppa." Or you're swapping in Golden Milk as a coffee alternative during your afternoon fika, the traditional Swedish coffee break (which is genius because fika has been described as "a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life"). Plus, we think it would be a perfect pairing with those giant Cardamom buns popping up all over Instagram. (Side note: What do the Scandinavians know about relaxing that we don't? How can we achieve that level of effortless chill?)

An End-of-Day Wind-down

And, of course, there's nothing better than curling up with a steaming cup of Golden Milk at the end of the long day. At a recent event, one woman shared with us the evening ritual that allows her to be more present with her teenage son: She comes home, changes into something cozy, makes her Golden Milk and settles into her favorite chair. That's the signal that mom's ready to listen, and she and her son sit and talk about their days. The Golden Milk, she said, allows her to be fully present, giving her something to hold and fully experience while she listens to her son. Her hands are occupied, so they're never tempted to fidget or reach for a screen. Each soothing sip focuses her more on the topic they're discussing, letting the day melt away.

A Must-Have Study Companion

Studying can be tedious (and stressful), so delicious, healthy snacks and nourishing drinks can be oh-so-soothing. Golden Milk is the best drink for studying! It has just enough kick in it from Turmeric to keep you on your toes, and the Vanilla and Cardamom make it taste really good. (What a reward for doing just one more set of flash cards or conjugating a whole page of French verbs!) It won't keep you up past bedtime, so you can sleep tight the night before the big exam, taking at least one worry off your list.

A Post-Dinner Sweet Treat

After dinner, we all crave something sweet now and again. When your sweet tooth rears up, we love to reach for Golden Milk. It's naturally sweetened with Dates, which add an almost caramellike flavor, and you can adjust the sweetness to your liking by using sweetened or unsweetened milk or adding honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar. Add an extra sprinkle of Cardamom or a dash of Vanilla powder or cinnamon, and if you have barista skills, top with a dollop of foamed milk. Golden Milk and a long, hot soak in the tub, a good book or a much-needed dish session with a friend - there's nothing better!

A Substitute for Happy Hour

Want to have an even happier hour? Whip up a batch of Golden Milk. Instead of your usual choice, opt for some Turmeric-spiced deliciousness. Pour it into a festive mug, kick off your shoes and unwind with every sip. For a little something extra, add a dropper of Ginger, Holy Basil or Cinnamon Liquid Herbal Extract. Talk about a nightcap!

An Upgrade for Warm Milk

Memories can be triggered by our senses, so what about sipping on Golden Milk as a trip down memory lane? Our own Dr. Mary Bove sips on her Golden Milk in the evenings, as a way to signal to her body and mind that it's time to quiet down before bed. She starts with full-fat coconut milk (of all the alternatives to milk, it's the richest and most luxurious), then stirs in blackstrap molasses for sweetness, nutrition - and nostalgia. Her grandmother used to make her warm milk with molasses before bed, so that flavor combo - heightened by slightly spicy Turmeric and sweet Vanilla - takes her right back to that happy memory. She's not the only one for whom this brings up pleasant memories. The first time we served Golden Milk at an event, a woman teared up after taking the first sip. It was just like what her mom made her when she stayed home from school as a little girl!

No matter when you decide to sip on this delicious, nourishing blend of Turmeric, Dates and Herbs, the time is always right.

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