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8 Simple Ways to Get In Touch With Nature

Published on April 06, 2023

There’s no greater gift than nature. At Gaia Herbs, the connection between people, plants, and planet is our grounding force and our driving mission and to say we love the outside world is a massive understatement. Plants hold the key to healing and supporting our wellness, lifting our spirits, and nourishing our bodies. We find inspiration in the changing of seasons, in the warm golden light of sunrise and the bold pinks and purples of sunset, the changing tides, and the calm after a rainstorm.

If you’ve been spending too much time inside and need to ground yourself in the world around you, not to mention the magic of nature, these simple tips will help you bring a piece of the outdoors in and restore your spirit as only the planet can do.

Open the windows.

Fresh air always does the trick to lift your spirits, liven up dull, stale air, and make your space feel clean and bright. When the weather permits, open the windows and let the breeze blow. Instant good vibes, right? Bonus points if you take the opportunity to wash away the winter dust and dullness so the sunshine can sparkle through.

Plant seedlings.

Get a head start on your garden by planting seedlings. Caring for these teeny tiny plants and transplanting them into the garden or a pot when they’re ready is such a wonderful way to connect yourself to the earth, and you’ll be rewarded for your hard work with beautiful blooms and delicious fruits and veggies.

Buy yourself flowers.

Nothing brightens up a room (and your mood) like a pretty, colorful bouquet. Supporting a local florist who uses sustainable, eco-friendly practices is best, but it’s OK to treat yourself to a supermarket bouquet from time to time too. Our pick? Yellow tulips or daffodils to greet the spring, of course.

Go to the farmers market.

Support local farmers and makers and freshen up your diet at the same time. Many farmers markets run year-round despite the weather, but if it’s been awhile since you visited your local spot, grab your favorite canvas totes and make a day of it! Stop for coffee and a healthy breakfast, then peruse their offerings and stock up on your favorite in-season produce, flowers, bread, honey, lavender, and so much more. Once you get home, wash and prep your finds so they’re ready and waiting when kitchen inspiration strikes.

Buy a new plant (or three).

They’re not just pretty — they’re powerful too. Indoor plants can help filter the air and clear it of toxins and pollutants, not to mention adding color and life to a room and helping relieve stress. There’s a reason people started talking to plants in the ‘70s!

Get your hands dirty.

Buy a few new pots for your indoor plants to freshen up the decor, then spend some time repotting them and really feeling the soil: touching it, smelling it, appreciating it. Or grab your gardening gloves and start landscaping your yard, balcony, or garden.

Add elements of the natural world into your decor.

We’re not saying you have to carpet your floors with fake grass or display pieces of driftwood on your dining table, but bringing in nature-inspired curtains, throw pillows, and other decor can ground your spirit and refresh your focus. A floral print pillow may be just the thing to brighten up the couch, or maybe you could frame a print from a recent travel adventure to transport you when you’re feeling stuck. An earthy, natural soy candle with a fragrance that appeals to you, like lavender, sage, or lemon, can also bring a touch of nature’s botanical beauty to any room.

Go plant-based for dinner tonight.

The benefits of a plant-based diet are many, but you don’t have to totally change your eating habits overnight. Instead, enjoy the delicious flavors and textures of plants once per week; just swap one meat- or dairy-centric meal for a big, vibrant salad, a hearty grain bowl of roasted veggies and your favorite grain, or a nourishing smoothie packed with greens and fruit.