Download the pdfs below to gain helpful daily information for your 12-day cleanse.

  • Tips for a healthier lifestyle
  • Recipes for foods to eat while you are cleansing
  • Facts on the history and function of herbs
  • Other herbal supplements to consider for a variety of health support areas*

This information will help you during your cleanse and beyond!

Day 1: Cleansing for Health
Day 2: Staying Hydrated
Day 3: Herbal Extracts or Raw Herbs, What’s the Difference?
Day 4: Know your Amazing Liver
Day 5: Housecleaning for your Body
Day 6: Keep on Moving
Day 7: Soluble and Insoluble Fiber, What’s the Difference?
Day 8: Support a Healthy Stress Response with Botanicals
Day 9: How Do I Avoid Toxins in the First Place?
Day 10: Don’t Forget To Chew
Day 11: Avoiding Sugar
Day 12: Great Job!