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Learn about Gaia Herbs products and explore the world of plant intelligence with the trainings below.

Educational Resources for Our Partners

The trainings available in our Plant Intelligence® Center are exclusive educational opportunities made available to Gaia Herbs retailers and partners. If you are a consumer looking for education resources, we encourage you to explore our Herb Reference Guide or our Blog.

Stress Support

Stress is an all-too-common state in which many of us find ourselves. Adaptogens are a group of herbs that may help the body adjust to stress in a healthy way.* During this training, we will discuss several of our top-selling products featuring adaptogenic herbs and explore adaptogens that grow on the Gaia Herbs Farm that may help you manage stress and maintain well-being.* Top-selling stress support products we will look at include Holy Basil Leaf, Ashwagandha Root, Adrenal Health Daily Support, and more.*

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Black Elderberry Gummies

Introducing yummy Black Elderberry gummies to support your immune health and help you stay feeling well!* In this training, you will learn why Gaia Herbs Black Elderberry gummies offer great everyday foundational wellness support. They are delicious, USDA certified organic, vegan, gluten free, fully-traceable and more.*

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Immune Support

Interested in learning more about ways you can support you and your family's immune health year-round? This training highlights several of Gaia Herbs Guiding Truths and a few of our top sellers that support immune health and help maintain overall well-being.* We will look at several best-selling immune support products, including Quick Defense, Black Elderberry Syrup, Astragalus Supreme, and more.

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Digestive Support

Digestive health is important. Join us for a quick overview of our new Digestive Support products. We will look at three products, including Microbiome Food, which supports the microbiome with prebiotics; Microbiome Cleanse, which promotes the health and function of the GI tract; and GI Feel Good, which features traditional herbs for maintaining a calm stomach.*

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Turmeric Stories

Learn about Gaia Herbs sourcing, traceability, extraction and more for all of our Turmeric products in this training. We will explore raw material partner farms, including their regenerative farming practices, agroforestry model, conservation efforts and more. We will also look at what sets Gaia Herbs Turmeric products apart with our full spectrum formulations, inclusion of Black Pepper, reverence for Ayurveda and multiple Turmeric extracts that, when combined, support a healthy inflammatory response in healthy individuals.*

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