It’s Tea Time! 9 Herbal Tea Blends to Nourish Your Spirit

Published on January 11, 2023

Nothing feels more restful and restorative than settling in with a warm cup of tea. Even the simple ritual of making a cup can be calming: heating up the kettle, waiting for the whistle, hearing the hot water pour into your cup and watching the tea flow into the water is such a comforting practice.

Herbal tea isn’t just a way to unwind; drinking a cup or two throughout the day or relaxing with one in the evening can help you perk up, calm down, nourish you when you’re feeling under the weather and even help you get ready for a good night’s sleep. Tea can help relieve stress, encourage conversation with a loved one over a cup, and create a healthy, purposeful ritual you look forward to each day.

Herbal tea can also help you achieve your health and wellness goals. If you’re trying to cut back on alcohol or kickstarting a dry month challenge, brewing up a cup of herbal tea can easily take the place of your evening glass of wine or nightcap and deliver plenty of wellness benefits. Maybe you tend to stick to coffee but are looking to reduce your caffeine intake — there are plenty of caffeine-free teas to try! Trying to drink more water but getting bored with plain tap water? Tea can help you hit those hydration levels.

Ready to join us for tea? Learn more about some of the most beneficial herbal teas from Gaia Herbs, as well as our favorite blends from our friend Green Heffa Farms. No matter what you’re looking for from your cup, there’s a Gaia blend that will satisfy your taste buds and help you feel nourished inside and out. Let’s get brewing!

Sleep & Relax Herbal Tea

Passionflower, Lemon Balm, and Chamomile work together to help melt away the stresses of the day.* This mild and easy-to-drink herbal tea is best enjoyed an hour or so before bed to help you connect with your calm and get ready to drift off into peaceful sleep.*

Lactation Support Herbal Tea

Nursing parents may occasionally need support keeping up their milk supply. This delicious herbal blend of Goat’s Rue, Fenugreek, Marshmallow, and Nettle helps promote healthy milk volume production for nursing and pumping.*

Bronchial Wellness Herbal Tea

There’s nothing like a cup of tea when you’re feeling less than your best. This sweet and herbal blend of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Plantain, and Licorice Root helps clarify and soothe to promote respiratory and bronchial wellness.* It’s an essential for the winter season or whenever you feel irritations arise.

Cleanse & Detox Herbal Tea

Need to detox post-holidays? We all need to hit the reset button from time to time. Rooibos, Burdock root, and Licorice Root support the liver to maintain the body’s cleansing process, while Lemon and Peppermint essential oils give each cup an invigorating, purifying flavor that livens up your day.*

Organic Hibiscus Herbal Tea

If you prefer a citrusy flavor, you’ll love the cheerful tang of our Hibiscus Herbal Tea. This brightly colored herbal tea supports heart health and tastes delicious both hot or iced.*

Gas & Bloating Herbal Tea

Did you overdo it at dinner? Our Gas & Bloating Herbal Tea will help relieve discomfort from occasional gas and bloating so you can get bounce back and feel like yourself again.* Fennel, Licorice, Chamomile, and Peppermint help soothe your digestive system after a meal.*

Green Heffa Farms Rich Auntea Herbal Tea Blend

Looking for beauty benefits from your daily cup of tea? Look no further than our friend Green Heffa Farms’s Rich Auntea blend, made with Butterfly Pea Flower, Hibiscus, and Lemongrass to nourish your spirit and bring out your inner glow.*

Green Heffa Farms Blackitea Herbal Tea Blend

Feeling tired and sluggish? Blackitea, made with Licorice Mint (also known as Anise Hyssop), black tea, and Ginger, may be just the thing to get you out of a rut. It’s warming, invigorating, and energizing with just enough spice to wake up your senses.

Green Heffa Farms Sanitea Herbal Tea Blend

Quiet your mind and get ready for bed (or maybe some bedroom action!) with this refreshing citrus tea with Lemon Balm and Damiana. It helps reduce stress and bring about a more peaceful state of mind so you’re more connected to your inner self.*