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Let Gaia Be Your Guide to Making the Most of the Winter Months

Published on November 15, 2022

Let Gaia Be Your Guide to Making the Most of the Winter Months
Let Gaia Be Your Guide to Making the Most of the Winter Months

In its own special way, winter means rebirth. The world begins its hibernation, preparing for the rebirth of spring, the joy of summer, and the bounty of fall. It’s a beautiful cycle, one that corresponds with the busy bustle of the holidays and the spirit of wonder and togetherness. 

Those blindingly bright snowy days quickly give way to deep, dark evenings, and for many, the chill of the season can be hard to navigate emotionally. Winter is a time to turn inward and reflect, but also to connect with your community and loved ones and spread feelings of joy and happiness to each other. If you tend to fall prey to the winter blues or want to isolate at home when the season starts, find the light within you so you can brighten up the season for others. Let Gaia be your guide to winter wellness in all its forms, from sharing the love with your people to caring deeply and meaningfully for yourself.

Spread the joy to others.

Fill your cup by being a light for the people in your life: your friends, family, neighbors, or the person behind you in line at the grocery store. You don’t have to plunge headlong into volunteer work immediately; it can be as simple as offering to do school pickup for your sister when she’s working on a big project, helping your neighbor with yard work, or setting up a small monthly donation to a cause you care about. Your good works may even spark others to do the same and keep the good vibes going. 

Get involved in your community.

‘Tis the season for togetherness! Getting involved in your community is the perfect place to start; many organizations need more volunteers during the holiday season, and doing something kind for others warms your heart in a way that presents can’t quite fill. Volunteer to cook meals for those experiencing food insecurity or serve dinner at a shelter. Adopt a family for the season and shop for gifts with your friends or children, then make spirits bright by delivering beautifully wrapped packages. Start a pay it forward club with your friends, or simply make a habit of visiting with your elderly neighbors several times a week. 

Support your immune system.

Nothing casts a damper on winter joy like a cold. Prepare for the winter weather like your ancestors before you with our Black Elderberry Syrup, inspired by the traditional tonics used for centuries. It’s made with four food-grade ingredients, including organic Black Elderberries, for a sweetly soothing daily drink that will keep you feeling well and enjoying the wonder of the winter.* 

Sip a cozy cup of tea by the fire.

An evening ritual can be a bright light in a long day, especially when it’s one you enjoy and look forward to. Curl up and enjoy a warm, comforting cup of Golden Milk at the end of the day to help your body transition into rest and relaxation, or brew a pot of Sleep & Relax Herbal Tea before bed and share a cup with your partner as you talk through the ups and downs of the day. It’s a great way to “clear your plate” and focus on a fresh start tomorrow.

Find an outdoor activity you love.

Find reasons to appreciate the change of seasons. Fresh air is good for you; it’s a tonic for your mood, an instant uplift, and can even have an impact on your immune health. Part of surviving and thriving in the winter months is learning to love them, so dress for the weather and get out there for daily walks, cross-country skiing or bundled up bonfires. If you live somewhere more temperate, take advantage of the weather and start hiking or biking. Join 

Cast a spell of enchantment.

Find the magic in the season, unrelated to the holidays. Reconnect with your child self and frolic in the fresh snow. Gaze at the frosty patterns on your windows for a moment of solitude. Relish the warmth of a cup of tea when you come in from the cold. By getting in touch with your senses and being more mindful about how you feel in these wintery situations, you can remember what so dazzled you in your youth and why you shouldn’t brush off the winter as a nuisance as an adult. 

Make time for self-care.

The holiday season in particular can be stressful and draining. Make self-care a priority in the winter to emerge in the spring like a beautiful, fulfilled butterfly. Schedule in exercise sessions to keep the endorphins flowing. Have a spa night with your kids on a chilly night and do face masks while you watch a movie. Make sure you’re getting your greens amidst the heavy (and delicious) holiday foods. Remember that if you’re not caring for yourself, you’re not at your best to care for others.

Another important part of self-care? Sleep! If you’re tossing and turning, find out why. Maybe it’s too many late-night nightcaps or holiday party cocktails. Maybe it’s stress or tension. Maybe you need to tweak your sleep environment (think quiet, dark, and cool, with as few interruptions as possible!). Whatever it is, take the time to examine your pre-bedtime habits and adjust as needed for quality sleep.

Reach out when you’re feeling alone.

If the winter puts a damper on your spirit, you’re not alone. If the cold and dark is getting to you, reach out to someone you trust and share your feelings. On the flipside, remind your friends and family members that you’re always there to support them and be a strong shoulder to lean on if they’re dealing with seasonal ups and downs. If we support one another and listen to each other, we can better navigate the tough stuff and find the beauty in life.