Why Am I So Tired: 6 Causes of Fatigue and How to Combat Them

Why Am I So Tired: 6 Causes of Fatigue and How to Combat Them
Why Am I So Tired: 6 Causes of Fatigue and How to Combat Them

Frequent tiredness is a reality for many people. If it is for you, you may feel frustrated having to constantly ask yourself the same question: “Why am I so tired?”

There are many different causes of fatigue. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most common reasons why you may feel tired all the time and share what you can do to combat tiredness naturally, supporting your body along the way.

Why Am I So Tired?

Having to constantly ask yourself, “Why am I so tired?” doesn’t always mean you have a larger underlying issue. As you know, a simple lack of sleep can make you feel exhausted.

In fact, some of the most common reasons for tiredness, include:

  • Lack of sleep1
  • Adrenal dysfunction3
  • Menopause4
  • Stress5
  • Mental exhaustion6
  • Poor diet1

These are the six causes of tiredness that we’ll discuss below. The good news is that by finding the right support for your body and implementing a few new healthy habits, you can tackle these issues and be well on your way to more energetic days.

6 Common Reasons for Tiredness and How to Combat Them

1) Lack of Sleep

Man who fell asleep while on computer

Lack of sleep is the most obvious cause of fatigue and tiredness. But between overbooked schedules, screens and distractions, and stress and anxiousness, a good night’s sleep is often hard to come by.

While you should consult your doctor if you are concerned that you may have a sleep disorder, there are several ways to naturally help your body wind down at night so you can rest well.

These habits won’t necessarily provide a quick fix; remember, all good things take time.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

In her article “Tips for Sound Sleep,” Ayurvedic Wellness Coach Anna Levesque shares a few nighttime habits that can help you get good rest.

She suggests eating a light and early dinner to aid digestion, practicing mindful breathing before bedtime, meditating, turning screens off, and using essential oils. She also promotes making a nightly practice of drinking herbal tea.

Drink Herbal Tea

 Gaia Herbs Sleep & Relax Herbal Tea

Anna recommends a warm cup of soothing herbal tea in the evening. There are many teas with herbs that can have a calming effect on the body and help you wind down.*

We recommend Gaia Herbs Sleep & Relax Herbal Tea. Made with a calming blend of Passionflower, Lemon Balm, and Chamomile, this USDA Certified Organic tea promotes a sense of calm and helps prepare the body for a good night's rest.*

Simply pour one cup of freshly boiled water over a teabag, let it steep for 10 minutes, and enjoy your tea one hour before bedtime.

For additional sleep support, combine this tea with an herbal supplement, like Gaia Herbs Sleep & Relax™.These capsules contain Lavender, Lemon Balm, Passionflower, California Poppy, Valerian, and other herbs to help your mind and body relax.*

2) Adrenal Dysfunction

Your adrenal glands sit on top of your kidneys and release hormones that help your body handle stressful situations.7 The problem is that we are often under constant stress, so the adrenals are always “on.”

This can lead to what many call “adrenal dysfunction,” which may leave you feeling rundown and unfocused.7 In addition to addressing sources of stress and anxiousness in your life, you can also support your adrenal glands with adaptogenic herbs.*

Nourish Your Adrenals

Adaptogens are herbs and mushrooms that have a normalizing and balancing effect on the body and are key when it comes to caring for your adrenal glands.*

Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea, Holy Basil, Maca, and mushrooms such as Cordyceps are all examples of adaptogens.

We’ve included a blend of adaptogens in Gaia Herbs Everyday Adaptogen™ powder. This combination of mushrooms and herbs supports the health of physically active individuals.*

Gaia Herbs Everyday Adaptogen™ for times when you are thinking why am I so tired

For targeted adrenal support, reach for Gaia Herbs best-selling Adrenal Health® Daily Support. This formula is made for the stressed and overworked to support the healthy function of the adrenals and help balance the body during times of stress.*

It contains a synergistic blend of adaptogenic herbs, including Rhodiola, Holy Basil, Ashwagandha, and Schisandra, along with Gaia-grown® Oats, extracted fresh immediately after harvest to preserve full spectrum compounds for optimal potency.* These Oats are grown on our Certified Organic Gaia Farm nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.

As a part of our commitment to transparency, we want to make it easy for you to learn about the origin of your herbs and how they were grown as we believe that you deserve to know exactly what’s in your herbal supplements.

That’s why we created meetyourherbs.com, the world’s first herb traceability platform. Here you can discover the origin of your herbs; learn how they were grown, harvested, and extracted; and see validation of your product’s level of purity and potency.

3) Menopause 

Woman stress-free and smiling

If you’re going through menopause, we probably don’t have to tell you that it is sometimes challenging to get a good night of sleep during this phase of life.

But you don’t have to resign yourself to sleepless nights. While there’s no sure-fire fix, practicing good sleep hygiene and providing your body with gentle, natural support can help you rest.

Support Your Body

Gaia Herbs Nighttime Comfort is made especially for women navigating the natural changes of menopause.*

It contains a blend of Black Cohosh, Mimosa, Passionflower, and St. John’s Wort and is designed to help maintain healthy hormonal balance during menopause so that you can enjoy a comfortable and restful sleep.*

Take two capsules one hour before you go to bed. And keep in mind that you’ll see the best results after one month of use.

4) Stress

Woman rubbing sides of head thinking why am I so tired

We’ve already mentioned the impact that long-term stress can have on your adrenals. But in addition to affecting your adrenal glands, stress can simply keep you up at night, which may leave you feeling tired during the day.

If your mind won’t stop racing, that can eventually play into both physical and mental fatigue.

Handle Stress in a Healthy Way

Reducing the stressors in your life is a great idea but not always possible. That’s why you’ll need healthy coping mechanisms and herbs to support your body.

Getting outside and moving your body can be a game-changer when it comes to handling stress in a healthy way. We also recommend combating stress with mindfulness, meditation, and breathing exercises, as well as herbal supplements.*

One such herbal supplement that can help you find a good night of rest is SleepThru®.* This formula contains adaptogenic and sleep-supporting herbs to promote restful sleep for occasional sleeplessness.* When the body’s stress pathways are naturally supported, you can rest more easily.*

 Gaia Herbs SleepThru®

Take two capsules one hour before bed, and keep in mind that the best results will be seen after one month of use.

5) Mental Exhaustion

At the end of a long day, sometimes it’s your mind—not your body—that gives out on you. Unfortunately, mental exhaustion can also contribute to physical fatigue and tiredness.

While you can’t necessarily put a hold on your busy, stressful life, you can support your mind with herbal supplements.*

Take Herbal Supplements for Mind Support

There are several herbs and mushrooms that we love to use for supporting mental clarity, memory, focus, and mental sharpness.

We’ve used custom combinations of our favorite herbs in supplements such as Mental Alertness, Mind Spring™ Mushrooms & Herbs powder, Nootropic Focus™, and Agile Mind®.

Check them all out to see which one is right for you, your needs, and your lifestyle.

6) Poor Diet

Plate of food for a healthy diet

The saying “You are what you eat” can be true in many different ways. And while it might not seem like it at first thought, what you put in your body can directly contribute to fatigue and tiredness.

First of all, too much caffeine can leave you with a caffeine crash. Or it can lead to trouble sleeping at night.5 Food allergies or intolerances can also play into fatigue.8 Plus, a poor diet in general doesn’t provide your body the nutrients it needs to keep running at 100%.

Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

While opinions vary about the best diet, there are basic nutrition principles you can live by.

In general, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, which contain a variety of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and prebiotics. This approach can help you maintain not only a healthy gut but also a healthy body and optimal energy levels.*

That said, always talk to your doctor before beginning a new eating plan. They can offer advice about your specific dietary needs and provide guidance if you think you might have a food allergy or intolerance.

Fight Tiredness Naturally

couple running to fight tiredness

While it’s not always easy to identify the root cause(s) of tiredness, it’s worth examining. Carefully consider the six issues shared above and if one (or more) might be contributing to your feelings of fatigue.

Then, start fighting tiredness naturally by taking gentle, supportive herbal supplements—such as Gaia Herbs Sleep & Relax Herbal Tea or Adrenal Health® Daily Support, for example—and slowly beginning to implement healthy habits.*

Feeling energized is important for living a full, vibrant life so don’t wait to start caring for and supporting your body.


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