Heart Support

Explore our trusted line of heart health and antioxidant formulas with revered herbs, including Hawthorn and Hibiscus.*

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Gaia Herbs Olive Leaf for Immune Support || 60 ct Gaia Herbs Olive Leaf carton front || 60 ct

Olive Leaf

Traditionally for supporting immune defenses so you can stay feeling your best*

Ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians all used the Olive tree as a food source and a source of plant medicine. Olive Leaf is a revered herb with antioxidant properties that is traditionally taken to maintain immune defenses.*

  • Traditionally for supporting immune defenses so you can stay feeling your best.*
  • A concentrated liquid plant extract with antioxidant properties.*
  • Helps maintain overall well-being.*
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Gaia Herbs Hawthorn Supreme for Heart Support || 60 ct Gaia Herbs Hawthorn Supreme carton front || 60 ct

Hawthorn Supreme

Traditionally for maintaining a healthy & happy heart*

It’s probably no coincidence that the earliest records declared the Hawthorn tree as a symbol of love. Gaia Herbs Hawthorn Supreme blends Hawthorn berry, flower and leaf, traditionally for maintaining a healthy and happy heart.*

  • A synergistic blend of Hawthorn berry, leaf and flower.
  • Native American, Chinese and European cultures all traditionally used Hawthorn leaves and berries medicinally as a tonic for the heart.*
Gaia Herbs Reishi Mushroom || 40 ct Gaia Herbs Reishi Mushroom front carton || 40 ct

Reishi Mushroom

Adaptogenic support for immune and heart health.*

Reishi has long been regarded as the “queen of mushrooms” and the “mushroom of immortality” and was once reserved exclusively for use by royalty. Bring this ancient wisdom to your daily routine with our adaptogenic tonic, designed to maintain a healthy immune system, support heart health, and help your body cope with stress in a healthy way.*

  • 100% fruiting bodies — no fillers, starch, grains, or mycelium.
  • 100% organically grown and sustainably sourced mushrooms.
  • 5x strength: each capsule = 2,500 mg of dry mushrooms.
  • Hot water and dual extracted mushrooms for optimal bioavailability, absorption, and digestibility.*
Gaia Herbs Green Tea, Certified Organic for Energy Support Gaia Herbs Green Tea, Certified Organic supplement facts

Green Tea, Certified Organic

Helps maintain healthy weight & energy*

Gaia Herbs Green Tea liquid extract is USDA Certified Organic and helps maintain healthy weight and energy.*

  • Green Tea leaves have been used for at least five thousand years in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Our Certified Organic liquid extract is a convenient daily source of the Polyphenol antioxidants found in Green Tea leaves.
  • Green Tea extract is popular amongst foodies and those embarking on new diet and lifestyle changes.