Don’t Stress On Vacation! Let Gaia Be Your Guide to a Relaxed, Restorative Trip

Published on February 21, 2023

Grab your suitcase, your sandals and your sunscreen and let’s jet off on spring break! If you find yourself needing a break from cold weather and gray days, you’re not alone; many individuals and families book a yearly vacation to get away from it all and relax or to do some exploring. 

Whether you’re hopping a plane or taking a road trip, getting out of your routine and seeing the sights in a new location can do wonders for your wellness, especially your mood and morale. You don’t have to travel to the depths of the jungle or fly halfway across the world to get that blissed-out, refreshed spring break feeling; even a staycation can satisfy your craving to get away. No matter your travel plans, check out a few of our favorite ways to make the most of spring break travel.

Wear comfortable shoes.

Comfort is key for more pleasant travel, even if you’re driving. Avoid anything too restrictive and definitely don’t break in a new pair of boots or flats when you know you’re going to be trekking across the airport to get to your gate. Stick to shoes you know are going to be dependable and comfortable for all your vacation activities; nothing wrecks a day-long hike or sightseeing trip like a fresh blister! 

This rule goes for clothing too; we’re not saying you should arrive at the airport in your pajamas, but wearing soft, comfy clothes can do wonders for your mood while you’re in transit. Save the heels for a fancy dinner out and grab sneakers or supportive sandals until you unpack.

Take a deep breath.

Even the best-laid plans can go awry from time to time, especially when you’re traveling by air. Late flights, lost baggage, and long lines are just a few of the stressful things you can encounter pre- or post-trip. When things feel overwhelming, remember to breathe. Take a quick walk around the airport before you board, turn on a mindfulness podcast or app for a few minutes of repose, or find a quiet spot to clear your head.

Make it feel like home.

When you arrive at your destination, unpack if you can. Living out of a suitcase isn’t fun for anyone, so set up your space to make it feel comfortable and restful. If you’re staying with a friend or family member, get the WiFi password, learn where they keep towels and toilet paper, and check in about plans so you’re on the same page. If you’re staying in a hotel or rental, spritz a calming aromatherapy spray to ground yourself and clear the air a bit. Set up your essential items so they’re there when you need them: place your favorite supplements and haircare products on the bathroom counter, set up your laptop on the desk, and pull out your reading material for lounging in the sun later. 

Be prepared.

This is especially important if you have kids, who tend to find their way into scrapes and spills or upset stomachs and sleeplessness, but it’s equally important for you, too! Regardless of your destination, take a few minutes to pack sunscreen, itch ointment, anti-nausea chewables or drops and bandages just in case of accidents or illness. It’ll save you a potential trip to the drugstore later. 

Pack your carryon or travel tote with a few healthy, filling snacks to keep those hangry, irritated feelings from coming up when you’re out and about. There’s nothing worse than a cranky kid in need of a snack! 

Stay hydrated.

Vacation is the perfect time to enjoy yourself, trying new foods, indulging in special meals, and sipping cocktails on the beach. Just make sure you’re drinking water alongside those margaritas or wine-tasting trips! If you’re in a warm climate where you’re sweating a lot, replenish lost fluids with lots of water and be sure to pack extra water if you’re hiking, swimming, or biking. Dehydration can derail your plans, so keep up your hydration goals even when you’re away from home.

Take time for quiet time.

If your spring break trip is a go-go-go adventure with nonstop events and sightseeing, make sure to take time to rest and relax so you don’t overload your system and stress yourself out. Consider implementing a morning or evening mandatory quiet time for all parties so you can unwind and recharge your batteries before taking on another day of fun.