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Lift Your Spirits with Easy Mood Boosters

Published on March 02, 2023

Feeling a little blue? It’s normal to experience emotional ups and downs throughout the day or during a particularly stressful period of life, so don’t get too discouraged by a bad day or occasional outburst. It happens! If you’re feeling as gray and gloomy as a rainy spring day, look to these easy little pick-me-ups to get the sun shining again. 

Get outside or open a window 

Sometimes all it takes to reset your mood is a breath of fresh air. If you can’t step away and take a quick walk or enjoy a cup of tea in your yard or on your patio, simply opening the window and looking outside can help you shift perspective. If you have some time, take a walk around the block, go for a quick jog, or do a short project in your yard; even watering the plants counts. Connecting with nature and the world around you can help ground even the grouchiest of moods. 

Step away from what’s causing you stress 

Take a break! If you’re circling the drain on a work project or getting frustrated with your family, take a 10-minute break. Breathe, stretch, shake it off, and try to let those feelings go. You’ll be amazed at how a few minutes away can change your mood. 

Call a friend 

Talking it through can make a big difference. When you’re feeling blue or moody, call a trusted friend or family member and chat about your emotions or simply distract yourself with a fun conversation. Even a quick chat with a loved one reminds you that you’ve got a support system behind you and brighter days are coming soon. 

Wear color 

A bright color can do wonders to lift your spirits on a gray day. Think yellow, bright pink, or orange. If that’s a bit too far for you, why not swap your gray and black for a jewel tone emerald green? Infusing a hint of color into your wardrobe or wearing a vibrant lipstick encourages you to take chances with your look — and may make the people around you happy too!

Sip on something sparkly 

Break out of your routine with a fun drink. Swap your water for sparkling water and liven up your hydration routine or consider adding a twist of lemon or hint of mint to your H2O. Make a mid-day mocktail with sparkling water and flavored syrups or treat yourself to your favorite indulgent coffee drink or smoothie. It’s a simple and delicious way to lift your spirits. 

Do something nice for someone else 

Brightening someone else’s day can do wonders for your outlook. Send a coworker a coffee just because, leave flowers for a friend, pay someone a genuine compliment, or do a favor for your neighbor. Being kind makes you feel those warm fuzzies from head to toe and may even inspire others do pay it forward. 

Spritz on a fun scent 

Aromatherapy works! Light, fresh citrus scents or minty aromas can be so invigorating and inspiring. Keep some essential oils at your desk to add to a diffuser or sniff when you’re feeling blue, or wear a citrusy fragrance on those “blah” days. 

Take an herbal supplement 

If the gray days keep coming and you’re looking for support from nature, try adding a new supplement to your routine. Gaia Herbs’ Emotional Balance® is formulated with St. John’s Wort, Passionflower, Vervain, and Oats to help you cope with stress and look on the bright side.* If you prefer a liquid formula, try the St. John’s Wort drops in your morning coffee, juice, or smoothie.