Let Gaia Be Your Guide to Back to School

Published on August 03, 2022

Grab your backpack, your books, and your freshly-sharpened pencils! We’re going back to school, Gaia-style.

Whether you’re prepping your kids for their first day, getting ready for college, or heading to class yourself, back to school season is the perfect time to re-examine your routines and get back into healthy habits. It’s all about hitting the reset button for a fresh start and realizing your full potential. Ready to hit the halls or support your family as they learn and grow? Let Gaia be your guide to the ultimate back to school wellness essentials.

For little ones: Immune support

Breakfast? Check. Backpack? Packed. Shoes tied? Yep. GaiaKids® Black Elderberry Kids Daily Gummies? You know it! Just as you start their day with a healthy breakfast, taking a daily immune support gummy is another way to make sure your children feel their best each day.* Gummies are made with black elderberries, which have been used for centuries to maintain the body’s natural defense system and promote overall wellness.* They’re USDA certified organic and made with real fruit for a delicious gummy your little ones will love taking each day.

Gaia Kids Black Elderberry Gummies

If your little one is feeling nervous about going back to class, help them find peace with Calm Support drops, made with California Poppy, Lavender, Passionflower, and Vervain to help kids feel calm and relaxed.*

For college students: Cognitive support 

Crowded lectures, study sessions, and finals week are just some of the high-pressure situations you’ll encounter in college. When you’re serious about your studies, you’re hitting the books all day, every day — and you may need extra support for those all-nighters, long days in the lab, or evenings spent tapping away on the computer. 

We know how important caring for your brain and cognitive health is, especially when you’re hard at work in Intro to Psychology or Advanced Organic Chemistry. Gaia offers several adaptogenic and nootropic supplements designed to support everything from general brain health to concentration and focus.

Lion's Mane Mushroom

Mental Alertness provides adaptogenic support for healthy memory and cognitive function with Eleuthero, Ginkgo Leaf, Gotu Kola, Rosemary, and Oats.* When taken regularly, it can help you stay focused in the face of stress.* Lion’s Mane Mushroom traditionally supports brain and neurological health, while Nootropic Focus® helps you stay sharp and concentrate on the task at hand.*

For parents: Stress support

Whether your kids are just starting kindergarten, navigating junior high, or getting ready for their last year of college, back to school season can be super stressful in more ways than one. When you’re feeling overwhelmed by drop-offs, pick-ups, after-school activities, or helping your kids with their homework, Kava Root can help you connect with your inner calm.* Kava Root is sustainably sourced and has traditionally been used to sustain a sense of calm and relaxation.*