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6 Everyday Ways to Prioritize Your Best Self

Published on August 20, 2022

6 Everyday Ways to Prioritize Your Best Self
6 Everyday Ways to Prioritize Your Best Self

Making healthy meals, getting lots of heart-pounding exercise, prioritizing quality sleep, and enjoying regular self-care are all huge parts of feeling like your best self. Once you’ve incorporated practices that work for you into your daily routine, you can truly feel the benefits. 

The big stuff is important, but it’s not the entire story of personal wellness. Smaller efforts add up too; even something you do for five minutes a day can change how you feel as a whole. If you’re looking for more ways to add feel-good vibes and self-care to your day, look no further! These are a few super simple ways to prioritize your best self on a regular basis and make your life easier and healthier.

Get outside and get grounded.

Even just a few minutes in nature can do wonders to recharge your batteries and restore your balance. If you have a small amount of outdoor space, head outside, take off your shoes and socks, and ground yourself with the grass and soil beneath you. Grounding is thought to help better connect you with the earth and its energy and shift your perspective.

Another great way to connect with the environment outside of outdoor exercise or relaxation is to stargaze! When was the last time you sat outside at night sans your phone and just looked up? Finding constellations and examining the depth and dimension of the sky reminds you of your place in this vast universe.

Fill your plate with greens and support local farmers.

One of the best things about the spring and summer is the produce. Fruits and veggies are beginning to grow and flourish — and so are your meals. Take advantage of the bounty and sign up for a CSA box from a local farm; it’s a fun way to diversify what you eat, try new recipes, and enjoy fresh produce each week. If you don’t have a CSA available or don’t need quite that much produce, make a weekly farmers market trip a habit. Going weekly or bi-weekly allows you to see what’s in season, try new things, and develop relationships with farmers in your area. 

Prep for success.

Healthy eating is easier when you’ve got the necessary elements prepped and ready to go. Once a week, set aside time to chop and peel veggies, cut fruit, assemble smoothie packs, or whatever else you need to make mealtimes easier throughout the week. If you hate doing the prep work and it’s impacting your cooking game, there’s no shame in buying pre-cut and pre-chopped veggies and fruit. Make your life easier where you can! 

Set it and forget it.

Summer is busy, but that doesn’t mean your supplement routine should fall by the wayside while you travel and enjoy the weather. Sign up for a subscription service and get your favorite Gaia products delivered to your door. How easy is that? (Did we mention you save 15% when you subscribe?) 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Scorching temps, humid days, and hikes and bike rides make you work up a sweat — and a powerful thirst! Challenge yourself to hydrate more frequently this summer. For every cup of coffee you drink in the AM, drink a glass of water. Buy a motivating water bottle and try to hit a certain goal each day, or fill an insulated bottle with icy cold water and keep it in your car on a long day of errands and activities. 

Be a social butterfly or phone a friend.

‘Tis the season to socialize! Between weddings, parties, graduations, and vacations, summer is action-packed — and socialization is good for you! Enjoying time with friends, family, and coworkers does more than make you feel happier; according to the Mayo Clinic, socialization can also support mental wellness, memory, and cognitive function. If you can’t get together in person, call a friend to chat when you’re out for a walk or a long drive or schedule weekly catch-ups with your favorite cousin or grandparent. Laughter and love can do wonders to lift your mood, combat loneliness, and perk up the day.