Gaia Roots

What is Gaia Roots?

Through our social impact program, Gaia Roots, we continue our mission to cultivate the health & well-being of farming communities and the earth by stewarding sustainable relationships between plants & people. Our focus is on building capacity for small-scale regenerative farmers through education, training, and advocacy work. We have four programs as part of this initiative, as described below.

Fostering Farm Education

We work with farming networks to educate farmers on organic medicinal herb production, focusing on everything from the role soil plays in carbon drawdown, to the ideal harvest time of herbs. We have concentrated on working with local farming networks including the Organic Grower’s School and Appalachian Sustainable Development.

Protecting Our Pollinators

A long-standing program on the Gaia Farm is our Pollinator Prosperity Program. We develop initiatives to increase biological diversity at the Gaia Farm through attracting pollinators such as bees, butterflies, songbirds, and more.

Supporting Diversity in Farming

Through Gaia Roots, a percentage of Gaia Herbs Hemp sales will be donated to organizations working to empower marginalized small-scale regenerative farming communities in the USA. Our goal is to help grow diversity in farming while growing diversity in the soil.

Promoting Advocacy & Awareness

We are kicking off advocacy work related to regenerative agriculture being a solution to mitigate climate change in 2019. This work will be done through our partners such as the Climate Collaborative and the B Corp Climate Advocacy Group.