Gaia Roots

Connecting plants and people by advocating for farmer prosperity and environmental regeneration.

What is Gaia Roots?

Gaia Roots is the social impact program of Gaia Herbs. We form partnerships with like-minded, purpose-driven individuals and organizations to develop programs that have a positive social and environmental impact in communities throughout the world.

Small Grants Program

For small farmers, community organizers, and social enterprises working to strengthen our food and farming system in the U.S. through regenerative agriculture. Selected recipients will receive $5,000 for projects that help generate positive social, environmental, and economic change.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Farming

Through Gaia Roots, a percentage of Gaia Herbs Hemp profits will be donated to organizations working to empower marginalized small-scale regenerative farming communities in the USA. Our goal is to help grow diversity in farming while growing diversity in the soil.

Other U.S. & Global Initiatives

  • Regenerative Farming Training, Education & Outreach
  • Native Woodland Plants of Southern Appalachia
  • Micro-loans for Crop Diversification
  • Regenerative Ag Scholarships for Women Farmers
  • Reforestation of the Amazon