18 Healthy, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas for Millennials Loving Their 30s and 40s

Published on December 01, 2023

By Kristen Boye BS, Natural Health

Kristen Boye

Kristen Boye is a natural health expert, writer, copywriter, and editor. Kristen was raised on an organic farm in British Columbia which inspired her life’s work. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Health, is a Certified Natural Foods Chef, co-owner of a medicinal herb farm, and is a natural foods and children’s health advocate. Kristen lives with her husband and two children on their medicinal herb farm in Western North Carolina.
18 Healthy, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas for Millennials Loving Their 30s and 40s
18 Healthy, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas for Millennials Loving Their 30s and 40s

Looking for the perfect healthy, sustainable, and eco-friendly holiday gift for Gen Xers, millennials, or anyone over 30?

Generally, these generations already have the basics of home and lifestyle covered and usually don’t want more random “stuff” cluttering their homes.

So, what do you get a healthy earth-loving 30 or 40-something who doesn’t want or need much?

Don’t despair, dear gift giver. We’re here to help!

Besides the ideas below, we’ve also built a Gift Finder tool to help you find the perfect Gaia Herbs for yourself or your loved ones this holiday season. 

The editorial team at Gaia Herbs has created a carefully curated holiday gift guide that anyone over 30 will love, use, and genuinely appreciate.

3 Eco-Friendly Gifts For Natural Food Cooking Enthusiasts

The holidays are a time of cooking, baking, and sharing delicious foods and recipes.

They may also remind us and our loved ones which kitchen tools, appliances, or staples may be missing (or needing replacement) from our repertoire. Here are some gifts well-suited for natural food cooking enthusiasts.

Tip: Ensure your gift recipient has no food allergies or diet restrictions that could apply before purchasing.

1: Glass Storage Containers

Serious natural food cooks are also serious about keeping plastic to a minimum in their kitchens, especially when kids are involved. 

After all, plastic isn’t just bad for the environment. Its chemicals, like BPA, BPS, and BPB, also leach into our foods when stored (especially when warm).REF#3202

Glass storage containers solve this problem and last for years.

There are various brands, but the best prices on large sets are generally found at price clubs.

If your friend or family member likes to preserve their own foods, they may also appreciate a stash of mason jars in various sizes with interchangeable lids for storage, drinking, etc. 

Mason jars also double as visible and affordable storage containers.

2. A Plant-Based Milk Maker or Butter Maker

Plant milks have become all the rage among dairy-free, vegan, and eco-conscious consumers.

However, it can be tough to find an additive-free plant milk that tastes fresh, contains no added sugar, gums, or preservatives, and is affordable.

Enter the DIY plant-based milk maker. These handy gadgets let you transform nuts, seeds, or oats into milk with just a bit of water and a quick strain. 

It doesn’t get much fresher than that.

Conversely, some health-conscious, traditional foodies enjoy organic, pasture-raised, or even raw dairy products. This crowd also tends to be big on the benefits of butter.

For these dairy connoisseurs, a butter maker may be a welcomed gift. 

The best butter maker to buy depends on the individual or family. 

If they’re into homesteading, hand-crafting, and/or homeschooling, they may appreciate a small manual butter churner. These modern churns typically screw onto a mason jar where the butter is churned and stored.

You can also find mechanized butter churns for a more convenient approach.

3. Natural Foods Cookbooks

All manner of recipes may be available online, but there’s nothing like having a trusted cookbook at your fingertips.

Here are a few classics and new best-sellers your health-conscious giftees will devour:

3 Sustainable Holiday Gifts For A Healthier Home

People are becoming more aware of how common household toxins, like cleaning products, chemicals on clothing, and EMFs/radiation can affect their health. 

These gift ideas cater to the household-toxin-conscious, green-living crowd.

4: A Hand-Held Steam Cleaner

There are many non-toxic cleaning brands available. However, it’s hard to beat the eco- and human-friendly benefits.

Like their cousin, the steam mop, these smaller devices clean and disinfect surfaces, like countertops, toilet seats, door knobs, etc., with the push of a button and zero cleaning products required.

When choosing a hand-held steamer, be sure to read the reviews and warranty, as some cheaper brands tend to get clogged and malfunction quickly. 

5: Cozy Organic Cotton Pajamas

Did you know the clothing and textile industry is responsible for over 8% of the world’s greenhouse gasses?REF#3203

This is partly why sustainable or “slow fashion” has become a trend. 

These sustainably-focused fashion brands prioritize human and environmental health by using sustainable and/or organically grown natural fibers, such as cotton, hemp, linen, and others, along with minimal or no chemical processing to make healthier, longer-lasting clothing.

Various brands such as Pact, Hanna Andersson, and Avocado offer organic cotton pajamas for her, him, matching holiday family prints, or unisex, ranging from basic to luxurious.

A quick online search or trip to your local natural clothing store or natural foods stores should supply various options.

6. An Analogue Clock

There are numerous benefits to keeping your smartphone out of your bedroom, including better quality, uninterrupted sleep.

Plus, emerging research suggests excess exposure to cell phone radiation and blue light emitted from devices may be counterproductive to good physical and mental well-being.REF#3204 REF#3205 REF#3206

Yet, millions of people rely on their smartphones as alarm clocks.

A simple solution to this is a low-EMF, battery-powered analog clock with one button to turn off the alarm and act as a light.

Search “low emf analog alarm clock” online for various options at different price points.

3 Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts For New And Expecting Parents

The holidays can be a magical and exhausting time for new and expecting parents. 

Help make theirs more on the magical side with these thoughtful self-care gifts.

7: Nourishing Teas and Elixirs

There’s nothing like a comforting cup of warm and nourishing liquid when you’re busy nourishing a new baby (and their mother).

Since new and expecting mothers may be avoiding caffeine, consider gifting herbal teas and other traditional elixirs that support their bodies naturally.

Some ideas include:

  • Red Raspberry Leaf Tea: A traditional herb used to support a healthy pregnancy and uterine function. Red Raspberry Leaf can be found in many pregnancy herbal teas.
  • Gaia Herbs Lactation Support Herbal Tea: Made with Goat’s Rue, Fenugreek, Marshmallow, and Nettles, this tasty brew helps promote healthy milk volume production and hydration in nursing mothers* *Not for use during pregnancy.
  • Grain-based coffee substitutes: These have the appearance and flavor of coffee but without the stimulants.
  • Organic, fair-trade hot chocolate: A naturally sweetened hot chocolate mix, combined with plant milk or organic milk, can be a nourishing pick-me-up for new parents.

Note: Certain herbs are contraindicated during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Therefore, stick with herbal teas and elixirs formulated for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers/people.

8: Microwavable Neck Wraps and Slippers

Pregnancy and birth, followed by babywearing, nursing or bottle feeding, bending over to change diapers, walking or dancing baby to sleep, and gazing down at baby all places strain on the neck, shoulders, back, and feet.

A natural, microwavable neck wrap can be a God-send for soothing “nurture neck” and making long hours in the rocking chair more pleasant.

As an extra treat for their tired feet, look for aromatherapy slippers with microwavable inserts. 

These are made for wearing while sitting or lying down, making them ideal for baby rocking, feeding, and long snuggle sessions.

9: A Subscription to a Mindfulness App

Most new parents have very little time and brain space to devote to self-care. 

Yet, for all the joy it brings, becoming a new parent can also bring feelings of overwhelm, disorientation, and sheer exhaustion.

Meditation apps are ideal because they only take a few moments a day and can be done while breastfeeding, holding a baby, or lying on the floor.

There are various subscriptions and programs to choose from, most let the user select individual meditations for specific concerns such as stress, sleep, focus, racing thoughts, mindset, etc.

3 Sustainable Holiday Gifts That Energize Body and Mind

Nearly anyone over 30, and especially those over 40, could use a little energy boost for body and mind.

Instead of sugary or caffeinated treats, consider these gifts that help support and restore energy, brain power, and vitality naturally.

10: Gaia Herbs Maca Boost® Cacao Ginger Powder

This cacao-licious adaptogenic powder is made with gelatinized Maca for easier digestion*, which helps maintain healthy energy and stamina levels*.

Maca Boost Cacao Ginger is also incredibly versatile and can be added to smoothies, lattes, energy balls, cookies, and much more for extra energy whenever needed.

11: Journals

As discussed in 7 Benefits of Journaling for Mind & Body, journaling can help promote balanced energy in many ways, including:

  • Helping with sleep
  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Improving various aspects of mental/emotional well-being
  • Boosting energy and productivity levels
  • And even improving your social life

If you’re unsure which type of journal to give, go with a generic journal, a customized blank journal with their name or an inspiring quote, or a gratitude journal.

There are also 5-minute journals, nature journals, exercise journals, counseling journals, travel journals, artists journals, and more, with or without prompts.

No matter which type of journal you choose, it will be appreciated by nearly any busy person interested in self-growth, recording memories, or making to-do lists.

12. Desk Exercise Equipment

A desk job doesn’t have to mean a sedentary job anymore. 

These days, there are numerous exercise devices and desk configurations designed to transform the average workspace into a workout area that encourages movement throughout the day.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • A standing desk
  • A stationary bike desk
  • A treadmill desk
  • An under-the-desk mini stationary bike
  • An under-the-desk elliptical trainer
  • An under-the-desk treadmill
  • An under-the-desk stair climber
  • An exercise ball or ball chair
  • A standing desk conversion kit
  • A chi machine
  • A pilates ball for doing thigh work

These range in price from several hundred dollars to under fifty dollars depending on what you choose.

Note: when buying fitness or activity equipment for someone else, make sure it’s something they’ve asked for in the past and would be able to use.

3 Eco-Friendly Holiday Stress-Busting Gifts For The Over 30s

The 30s and 40s are when adulting gets real. These gifts help ease stress and tension naturally.

13. Gaia Herbs Self-Care Essentials Kit

This kit contains a variety of herbal support for a healthy stress response and self-care routine.

    • Calm A.S.A.P.®: This award-winning formula with Passionflower, Chamomile, and Vervain supports a calm response to life’s trying moments.*
  • Sleep Gummies: A delicious cherry-orange gummy sweetened only with real fruit contains Ashwagandha, Passionflower, Reishi, and Jujube date to promote a restful night’s sleep.*
  • Turmeric Boost® Restore: A delicious powdered blend of Turmeric, Holy Basil, and Ginger with black pepper and Chai spices* supports a healthy inflammatory response in healthy adults.*Makes a tasty addition to healthy smoothies and lattes.

This Self Care Essentials Kit is an ideal way to experience the combined benefits of these stress-busting herbal formulas.

14: A Foot Care Kit

A foot care kit provides relief and relaxation for friends or family members who are always on their feet.

There are several options to gift in this category, including:

  • Bundled foot care kits with self-foot-massaging tools, tingly foot butters, and scrubs
  • Home foot spas
  • Wooden foot rollers
  • Electronic foot massagers
  • Acupressure or reflexology socks
  • Or give the gift of a luxurious foot massage, reflexology session, or spa pedicure

Whatever you choose will provide blessed relief for your loved ones busy feet!

15: An Indoor or Outdoor Hammock

Nothing beats a hammock for creating a vacation-like oasis in one’s backyard, on the porch, or even indoors.

The most important thing to consider when gifting a hammock is space. 

If your giftees have just moved into a new home with a yard, a full-size backyard hammock with or without a stand would likely be perfect.

However, someone living in an apartment, condo, or townhome would probably appreciate a more compact version, such as a hammock chair or indoor hammock.

There are also ultra-compact and portable camping hammocks that can easily be packed up and taken to parks, on hikes, camping trips, or hung in a small yard.

3 Experience Gifts for Health-conscious Over 30s

The best experience gifts for those over 30 help them get out of their daily routine and have some fun.

Here are some ideas:

16. A Gift Certificate for a Weekend Vacation Rental or Local Hotel

This is a great one for parents as it allows them to take a mini-staycation without breaking the bank or arranging super long-term childcare.

Speaking of childcare…

17. Give Them An Afternoon or Night Off

If you’re up for it, make up a homemade gift certificate for an afternoon or evening of babysitting, and include a gift card to a local restaurant or theater.

Busy parents will be thrilled to get some kid-free one-on-one time with the peace of mind of knowing their children are in loving, familiar, and capable hands.

18. Gift An Annual National Park or Zoo/Nature Center Pass

Giving an annual pass to the United States National Parks or a local nature center benefits the giftees and the local ecosystems and wildlife.

A U.S. Park Pass allows pass holders to park, hike, bike ride, bird watch, sightsee, raft, etc., for free in thousands of national parks. It also helps fund the National Park Service so they can better protect and preserve our nation’s essential greenspaces, forests, and ecosystems.

An annual pass to your local zoo or nature center is usually a welcomed experience for families. It will allow them to visit various zoos and nature centers around the country while helping contribute to conservation, animal welfare, and education programs.

Happy Holidays from our Gaia Herbs family to yours!


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