Trying to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions? These 6 Herbs Can Help

Published on January 29, 2021

On January 1, you resolved to make a changemaybe to exercise more, stress less, sleep better, learn something new, or all of the above. You decided to improve your health and well-being. How's it going? If you're having a little trouble sticking with the new habit(s) right about now, you’re not alone.

Surveys suggest some 60 percent of Americans make these types of New Year’s resolutions, yet only around eight percent actually keep them.1 In fact, research shows a quarter of all resolution-makers have abandoned their objectives by the second week of the month.2 If your dedication to your goals has waned, don’t lose heart.

The following six herbs can help you get back on track and stay on track. And if you’re still fully committed but just want a little extra support in the days and weeks to come, turn to these herbs for a gentle pat on the back and an encouraging, “You’ve got this.”

The Best 6 Herbs to Stay on Track With Your Resolutions

Maca Root

You have lots of responsibilities in a day, and meeting them all can sap your stamina, so much so that the last thing you feel like doing is working out—or sticking to any of your resolutions, for that matter.

That’s where energizing supplements with Maca root come in.* Maca is a caffeine-free, edible herbaceous plant traditionally used to support peak performance, which is why it is popular among athletes and weekend warriors alike.* Whatever your specific exercise goals and level of fitness, supplements with Maca can help in your efforts to stay physically active.* So, make room for Maca!

Other options for energy: Of course, there are many other invigorating herbs and herbal formulas that also promote healthy energy and stamina, from Ginseng to Green Tea.* Shop our energy support supplements.*


Further support your fitness goals with supplements containing Turmeric (Curcuma longa), which can help reduce occasional inflammation due to normal daily wear and tear and maintain joint health so you can keep moving.* This bright yellow–orange spice—the main ingredient in curry powder—contains the powerful chemical constituent curcumin, one of several curcuminoid compounds in the herb.

Although the exact modes of Turmeric’s actions are not yet fully understood, most researchers agree that it supports a healthy inflammatory response in healthy individuals and offers antioxidant support, as curcuminoids appear to scavenge for damaging particles in the body known as free radicals.*

Other options to support an active lifestyle: In addition to Turmeric, Cat’s Claw Bark is traditionally taken to sustain healthy joints.*

Gotu Kola

When you are trying to learn something new—whether a new language or hobby—or implement a healthy new habit, your mind needs to be alert and engaged. Enter Gotu Kola, a favorite for anyone feeling overtaxed and distracted, as this herb is traditionally used and known to support mental focus.*

A member of the Parsley family, Gotu Kola is highly regarded in India, where it is thought of as one of the most spiritual herbs. Indeed, it is used by many yogis to improve meditation, and is said to help balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain (which the leaf resembles).* Gotu Kola can be taken in liquid extract, capsule, or powder formulas.

Other cognitive health support options: If you need assistance staying sharp and staying steadfast in your commitment to your resolutions, there are a bevy of additional herbs that help nourish the mind, including Bacopa, Ginkgo, and others, which can be found in our brain and cognitive support products.*

California Poppy

California Poppy is a gorgeous, golden flowering plant traditionally known for supporting calm and relaxation.* Indeed, Native American tribes from across California traditionally used the plant as a calming agent.* Specifically, the Costanoan tribes from the area that is now Monterey used a root preparation of the herb to promote healthy sleep, which is why you’ll find California Poppy in our Sound Sleep formula (along with American Skullcap, Kava root, and Passionflower).

California Poppy is also in our Black Elderberry NightTime Syrup and Sleep & Relax powder capsules.* These supplements are there when you need help meeting your goal of getting a restful night's slumber.*

Other sleep support options: A variety of additional herbs can help you get a good night's rest, naturally; discover our sleep support formulas, including our brand new Sleep Gummies.*


A member of the Solanaceae family, Ashwagandha is considered an adaptogen. Adaptogenic herbs are traditionally used for help coping with stress in a healthy way.* In other words, they give your body the extra support it needs in times of ongoing pressure or tension.*

Ashwagandha in particular has been revered as an adaptogen for more than 1,500 years in Ayurveda, India’s ancient traditional system of medicine. Consider it a go-to for helping you on your mission to stress less and find more resilience in the face of adversity.* What’s more, when your body is stressed, you can be left feeling depleted, without the energy to take on your other objectives. Add Ashwagandha-containing supplements, like our new Ashwagandha Gummies, to your regimen as all-around assistants for helping you stick to each and every resolution on your list.*

Other options for stress reduction: A wealth of herbs are traditionally used for emotional well-being, including other adaptogens like Rhodiola, as well as St. John’s Wort and Oats.* Browse our plant-based stress support options.*

Black Elderberry

There’s a reason Black Elderberry supplements are wellness routine staples, especially in the colder months: Black Elderberries have long been used in traditional cultures to support immune health, during immune season and year-round.*

Think of incorporating Black Elderberry into your supplement regimen alongside one or more of the herbs mentioned above for general support in your pursuit of being a healthier you in the new year, especially as we are still grappling with a dangerous pandemic. Find Black Elderberry in a variety of formats to fit your lifestyle, from gummies to syrup and capsules to powder. Not sure where to start? Read our article about which form you should take to help you decide.

Other options for immune support: Though Black Elderberry is a superstar of the immune support world, there are other immune herbs that shine bright when it comes to sustaining overall well-being, from Echinacea to Oregano.*

You CAN Keep Your New Year's Resolutions… All Year Long

You can be in the eight percent of Americans who keep their New Year’s resolutions all year long. You just need the desire to do so and a little herbal help along the way. Set yourself up for success now with a new supplement regimen containing one or more of these six supportive herbs.*

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