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Save 30% on Gaia Herbs’ Cyber Monday 2023 Week

Published on November 27, 2023

By Lisa Stockwell

Lisa Stockwell

Lisa Stockwell has worked as a copywriter, writer, author, and editor for 35 years, specializing in the field of healthcare since 2009. She recognized the need for reliable health information while supporting friends through unique health challenges and refocused her career to bring clarity and compassion to healthcare communications. Lisa is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and a lifelong Northern Californian.

If you were busy celebrating the Thanksgiving weekend and missed our Black Friday sale, no worries. You’re just in time for our Gaia Herbs’ Cyber Monday Sale!

And when we say Monday, we really mean Monday through Tuesday Sale. Because this year, we’re spreading Cyber Monday savings over two full days! 

Keep on your toes because each day we’re offering 30 percent savings on special collections of supplements to address different health goals. 

Three Days to Save 30%

Don’t miss the chance to save on the supplements you need to maintain your health and vitality through the upcoming holiday and winter seasons. This is also a great opportunity to find the perfect gifts for friends and loved ones who place good health at the top of their wish list.

  1. Monday, November 27: Save 30 percent on our Mindful Monday Collection, a selection of our most popular supplements for stress support, emotional well-being, and cognitive function. 
  2. Tuesday, November 28: Discover our Hidden Gems Collection, with over 24 lesser-known supplements that herbal aficionados adore.
  3. Wednesday, November 29. Get energized for the holidays with supplements from our Work-It-Wednesday Collection that supports a more active lifestyle.

    If you’re not sure where to start, let Gaia be your guide with our Matchmaker Quiz that provides suggestions for the right mix of herbs to support your unique needs.

    Watch this website, social channels, and your email inbox to get quick access to these exclusive collections and secure your savings before products sell out!

    30% Off Our Exclusive Mindful Monday Collection

    Use promo code CALMMIND, 1 day only Monday, 11/27/23 at 11:59 PM ET.

    As the days grow shorter and the holidays get closer, you may feel stressed or completely out of sorts. Gaia Herbs’ Mindful Monday Collection was designed to help you stay balanced and focused and maintain your emotional well-being, even when things get a little crazy.*

    Use this sale to try new supplements or replenish your supply for the winter at a significant discount. 

    Some favorite products in our Mindful Monday collection include:

    • Agile Mind®: Supports healthy brain function and helps maintain healthy recall.*
    • Calm Kit: Contains a variety of formulas, including Calm A.S.A.P., Ashwagandha Gummies, Golden Milk, and Adrenal Health Daily Support, to help support the stress response and help you feel healthy, balanced, and whole.*
    • Lion’s Mane Mushroom: A favorite of Gaia Herbs’ brand ambassador, Gisele Bündchen, this organic, sustainably sourced mushroom formula provides cognitive support.*
    • Mental Alertness: Eleuthero, Ginkgo Leaf, Gotu Kola, Rosemary, and Oats offer adaptogenic support for healthy memory and cognitive function.*
    • Nootropic Focus™: A revitalizing blend of Saffron, Lemon Balm, and Spearmint helps you stay focused amidst distractions.*
    • Relax Gummies: These delicious gummies help you relax and maintain emotional well-being*

    Check out the 24 products in our Mindful Monday Collection.

    Whether you’re looking for brain and cognitive support or plant-based stress support to help your body and mind stay healthy and feel balanced, this collection has something for you.

    SURPRISE! 30% Off EVERYTHING + 40% off Additional Herbs

    Use promo code HERBFEST 1 day only Tuesday, 11/28/23 at 11:59 PM ET.

    On Tuesday, November 28, treat yourself to something special or find a unique gift for the seasoned herbal connoisseur on your list. Get up to 40% off everything including our Hidden Gem Collection features some cult-classic, top-rated yet lesser-known products that herb lovers adore. 

    Of the two dozen products in our Hidden Gem Collection, some favorites include:

    • Liver Health: Provides everyday liver support with Milk Thistle, Turmeric, Schisandra, and Licorice root.*
    • Microbiome Cleanse: Balances the GI tract and supports overall digestive health, making it a great supplement to have on hand for traveling or during other changes in your routine.* 
    • Nettle Leaf: A go-to when seasonal transitions present immune challenges, this formula provides respiratory and sinus support to keep you breathing easy.*
    • Nighttime Comfort: Maintains healthy hormonal balance during menopause, with Black Cohosh, Mimosa, Passionflower, and St. John’s Wort
    • Olive Leaf: A concentrated, single-herb extract to help maintain the body’s immune defenses.*
    • Rhodiola Rosea: Popular among the physically active, Rhodiola promotes healthy stamina to give you more staying power.*

    Shop this Tuesday for these and more rare finds in our Hidden Gems Collection.

    30% Off Our Work-It Wednesday Collection

    Use promo code ENERGYREVIVE, 1 day only Wednesday, 11/29/23 at 11:59 PM ET.

    The Work-It Wednesday Collection is a curated selection of 12 products designed to support energy, vitality, and an active lifestyle. 

    These products are ideal for the driven, hard-working, eternally stressed out, serial entrepreneur, or new parents on your holiday gift list. Or consider them for yourself for some extra stress, stamina, and energy support.

    Here’s a glimpse at some of the hard-working products in the Work-It Wednesday Collection:

    • Adaptogen Performance Mushroom and Herbs: Containing the adaptogens, Cordyceps and Ashwagandha, this helps sustain energy levels for endurance and stamina and is a great formula for those looking to maintain peak performance.*
    • Everyday Adaptogen®: This powder blend of adaptogenic Maca, Cordyceps, Rhodiola, and Ashwagandha helps the physically active maintain peak performance.*
    • Ginseng Supreme: Contains a blend of American Ginseng and Eleuthero to support healthy energy and stamina.
    • Maca Boost® Cacao Ginger: This tasty support made with gelatinized Maca root for easier digestion, helps maintain healthy energy and stamina.*
    • Plant Force Liquid Iron®: A vegetarian liquid iron formula designed to support healthy iron and energy levels with Sea Buckthorn, Beet root, Dandelion, and Nettle.*

    Shop our Wednesday deals on these power supplements.

    Mark Your Calendar for Our Cyber Monday (Tuesday & Wednesday) Sale!

    It’s easy to get distracted as the holiday season begins, so mark this once-a-year sale on your calendar! Then watch your inbox, our social channels, and this site for reminders.

    Don’t miss this three-day opportunity for great savings on Gaia Herbs’ award-winning herbal supplements. When each day ends, so do the savings on that specific Collection and products. There are no limits on purchases, but products may sell out, so shop early!

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    Gaia Herbs Offers True Transparency

    Our annual sales are a great time to discover the value of Gaia Herbs! 

    We take pride in the high quality of our herbs and the unique formulas we produce to meet your needs for health and vitality, from immune support and stress relief to hormone balancing and libido building.* 

    Gaia Herbs stands out in the industry as a company that is transparent about the quality and origin of the herbs and plants we use in our products. Every ingredient in our Gaia Herbs product line is screened and validated in our state-of-the-art onsite laboratory in Brevard, North Carolina. Gaia Herbs is the only medicinal herb manufacturer that gives you the assurance of:

    • Purity: Rigorous testing ensures all Gaia products are screened for pesticides, microbes, and heavy metals.
    • Integrity: All our supplements go through a rigorous testing regimen to confirm that the ingredients listed on the package conform to DNA-validated standards and match what is in the bottle.
    • Potency: Our patented Liquid Phyto-Caps® technology was engineered to dissolve easily and support the absorption of our concentrated plant extracts in the digestive tract.

    We make it easy to search the entire product line on our website by health interest, herb/ingredient, new arrivals, and product type. 

    Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones from the whole team at Gaia Herbs!