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2023 Gift Guide for Athletes — Beginners to Pros

Published on December 09, 2022

By Lisa Stockwell

Lisa Stockwell

Lisa Stockwell has worked as a copywriter, writer, author, and editor for 35 years, specializing in the field of healthcare since 2009. She recognized the need for reliable health information while supporting friends through unique health challenges and refocused her career to bring clarity and compassion to healthcare communications. Lisa is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and a lifelong Northern Californian.

What’s the perfect gift for the athletes in your life? Anything that lets them enjoy their favorite sports activities throughout the year, of course. 

At Gaia Herbs, we love gifts that promote health and vitality. That’s why we’ve curated a list of unique holiday gift ideas for athletes, from beginners to weekend warriors to serious pros. We think you’ll find at least a few ideas to make the athletes in your life very grateful for your gift. 

Technology Gifts for Overall Fitness

1. Training App Subscription for Athletes 

Whether it’s tracking pace for a runner, setting up interval timers for high-intensity training, or getting fast access to a database of the best hiking trails, there is a smartphone app to address the unique training requirements of every kind of athlete. The premium versions of the best training apps have monthly or annual subscriptions, making them an awesome gift for any athlete hoping to improve their performance. 

2. Online Workout Program Subscription

If the athlete in your life is likely to leave the smartphone behind, a yearly subscription to an online workout program may be a more appropriate gift and a great way to start the new year. Online workouts can be used for strength and endurance training or simply to stay in shape. Some programs are on-demand and some are live, providing accountability as well as feedback.

3. Massage Relief 

A massage therapy gift certificate is a welcome gift for any athlete suffering from the occasional overworked or pulled muscle. You can usually purchase certificates from spas or a mobile massage therapist who brings their massage table to your home. If you can’t get a referral from a friend, look online and read the reviews before making a selection.

If spa gift certificates are not your thing, a handheld massager provides an on-demand way to work out tension in the body whenever needed. Consider one of the many handheld massagers that target all or a special area of the body, from head to foot.

4. Pulse Oximeter for Athletes

Athletes like to push themselves to their personal limits. A pulse oximeter allows them to monitor their blood oxygen concentration (SpO2) and maintain a healthy workout intensity — especially when that workout is at higher altitudes. 

Finger pulse oximeters make a great gift because they’re lightweight and easily portable. They range in power (battery or USB rechargeable), ease-of-use, memory to record data, and price. If you’re looking for a gift at a higher price point, check out fitness trackers and smartwatches that include oxygen saturation measurement features. 

Gifts For Streamlined Workouts

5. Consultation with a Sports Dietitian

What do you get an athlete trying hard to get to the next level and needs a competitive advantage? A one-hour consultation with a sports dietitian. This expert can assess your friend or loved one’s fitness and eating style and offer recommendations for optimal nutrition for their specific body type, condition, and training goals. A sports dietitian can provide a personalized dietary plan to enhance performance and maintain good health and is a great addition to any athlete’s training team.

6. Bike Computer

Need a great gift for a cyclist? A bike computer can measure distance, speed, and performance, display the temperature, and help navigate. The most basic budget computers give speed, miles, and time. More sophisticated ones are GPS enabled, use Bluetooth to sync with mobile apps, come with touchscreens, and include Smart notifications. Some bike computers are solar-powered, some are USB rechargeable, and others use batteries. 

7. Portable Speaker

Music can enhance any workout. But not everyone loves to wear headphones or earpods. A mini portable bluetooth speaker provides a great hands-free, chord-free musical experience for athletes on the go — on a bike, on a run, in a kayak, up the mountain, or next to the pool. Portable speakers come in various sizes and prices, with varying charging options and battery life. Some are waterproof. Look for one that clips onto a backpack, bicycle, belt loop, or buckle for maximum flexibility.

8. Pair of Socks

Socks? They may sound like the most boring gift you can think of. But every athlete appreciates a great pair of socks. Not the kind you buy at a big box store in packs of 10 or 20. We’re talking performance socks that fit like a glove (for feet) and don’t slip down. 

High-quality socks can solve a lot of problems for athletes, such as socks that wick moisture to keep feet dry and avoid blisters, socks with extra cushioning around the toes, arch, and heel, and socks that last workout after workout and month after month. To keep performance socks from being boring, quality manufacturers now offer socks in a range of colors and color combinations.

Gifts to Enhance Vitality for Athletes

9. Gaia Herbs Peak Performance Bundle

There are several herbal supplements that have the potential to enhance athletic performance, support healthy energy and stamina, and maintain a strong inflammatory function to minimize the aches and pains that come from overexertion. The right combination of supplements help ensure peak performance. But how do you know which herbs to combine?

Gaia Herbs has taken the guesswork out of selecting herbs for athletes with its Peak Performance Bundle, which includes four of Gaia Herbs’ top-selling products for athletes who want to maintain the most active lifestyle possible:

Ordering the bundle not only gives you a great way to introduce someone to the benefits of herbal supplements, it’s also a great deal. 

10. Mushroom and Herb Supplement

Cordyceps mushroom and Ashwagandha are adaptogens that are known to help sustain physical energy levels and stamina and adapt to daily physical, mental, and emotional stress.* 

Gaia Herbs has combined these two powerful herbs into a single formula called Adaptogen Performance, making this supplement a perfect gift for anyone looking to maintain peak performance.*

Gifts for Off-Roaders

11. Water Filter

Staying hydrated is critical for all athletes. But carrying a sufficient water supply can be a challenge for hikers, climbers, and mountain bikers who get far away from a potable water source. Having a good water filter means off-roaders never have to go thirsty as long as they can find a lake or stream. You can get a straw water filter, which comes in various shapes and sizes, or an all-inclusive water bottle with a built-in filter. It’s not only a healthy, practical gift but one that is environmentally friendly. Because carrying plastic bottles of purified water is just not sustainable. 

12. Solar Powered Lantern

No one likes getting stuck in the dark unexpectedly. But sometimes, it’s unavoidable. Anyone who loves getting off the beaten path will appreciate the security of carrying a lightweight solar-powered lantern. Look for one that is collapsible, inflatable, or foldable, so it fits easily in a daypack — preferably with a long battery life. 

13. Respiratory Health Support

Athletes who focus on endurance sports may need good lung and respiratory health to maintain stamina.* Gaia Herbs’ Black Seed Oil, made with Nigella seed oil, has been used for centuries to benefit the immune system and help sustain overall respiratory wellness.* Gaia has taken this Ayurvedic herb and created a single-herb extract to help keep lungs working their best.* The extract is created through a cold-pressed method to maintain the herb’s integrity and balance. 

Gaia Herbs has put this gift guide together with a focus on gifts that serve a purpose, promote a healthy lifestyle, and are certain to be used and enjoyed by the athletes in your life. We hope it helps you select the perfect gifts this holiday season. From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!