How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea Every Time

Published on February 10, 2016

Trying to find more "me time"? Start with tea time-a favorite way to unwind from the day or rev yourself up for a busy day ahead. 

Making tea-particularly herbal tea-is a multi-sensory experience that can feel downright decadent. Sitting down with a mug of steaming tea is a favorite way to unwind from the day or rev myself up for a busy day ahead. The warmth, aroma and flavor transform the mundane act of hydration into an act of self-care. It's a time I look forward to during the day, and it's an easy routine to integrate into your wellness regimen. If you're trying to find more "me" time or need help slowing down and living in the moment, consider making tea a daily habit.

Dr. Wendy Warner, a Philadelphia-area OB/GYN certified in integrative holistic medicine who's on our Scientific Advisory Board, actually "prescribes" a tea ritual to her patients. Instead of drinking tea while multitasking in the evenings, she asks them to make the experience a time to indulge and relax. She asks that they sit, sip and savor the tea, using those precious minutes as "me" time.

That's a self-care ritual we can support, and in the Gaia offices, you can walk into just about any office or workspace and find a few boxes of tea-green, black, herbal, you name it! We love tea.

Here's our recipe for guaranteeing a perfect cuppa every time.

Boil Fresh Water

Use freshly boiled water for the best results. Water that's too cool won't extract enough flavor and potency from your tea. Water that's been sitting around awhile might have absorbed flavors from the kettle. Use filtered water, to get the purest cup possible that allows the taste of the tea to shine.

Select the Right Mug

For each tea bag, you will add one cup of water. A dainty cup for high tea is too small, but your oversize coffee mug is likely too big (though you can always double up on the teabags).

Cover it

For herbal teas especially, you want to lock in the aroma of those potent herbs. If you choose a Gaia Herbal Tea, you'll notice we often include essential oils. Covering the mug while the tea steeps keeps in those soothing vapors instead of letting them evaporate before you have a chance to savor your tea.

Be Patient

Brewing perfect tea is a science. Let the tea sit too long, and it might chill or get bitter. Drink it too soon, and it may lack potency. As with the mug, you want your tea brewing time to be just right. Always follow the directions that came with your tea.

Sit and Savor

After you've taken all these steps to ensure your tea will be tasty and satisfying, don't gulp it while scrolling Facebook or doing something else that will shift your focus. (Though, it's true, too, that a mug of herbal tea can make even the most boring of conference calls or the longest commutes a bit more manageable.) Taste the tea, noticing its nuanced flavors, and feel the soothing warmth of the mug. Appreciate this pocket of solitude and peace in a busy day.

It was a tough decision, but our team narrowed down our favorite teatime treats: