7 Best Herbs for Memory Support and Brain Health*

Published on June 04, 2021

Your brain is constantly on—processing, analyzing, deciding, reacting—and it needs support to function at its best.* Whether you want to combat mental fatigue at the end of a long day or maintain cognitive function as you age, herbs for memory and the brain can help.*

Here, we’ll shine the spotlight on seven herbal superstars, including mushrooms, that support cognition and overall brain health.*

We’ll also discuss how to easily add supplements containing these dynamos to your wellness routine. First, let’s take a look at the herbs themselves.

Herbs for Memory Support and Brain Health*

1) Saffron

Saffron, scientifically known as Crocus sativus, comes from the pistil of the autumn crocus flower. It is used in the kitchen in dishes like Saffron rice and Spanish paella and has a history of use in ancient Greek, Egyptian, Persian, and Indian systems of medicine.

In traditional medicine, Saffron was used to support brain, liver, and lung function as well as women’s health.*

Current research continues to indicate a use for this herb for memory support and brain health specifically, noting its ability to support healthy brain aging, focus, and mood.*

The literature also suggests that Saffron and its components can support learning and memory and “can be considered as promising agents to support the nervous system.”*1 And, scientists report that Saffron has “neuroprotective effects” that should not be ignored.*2

2) Ginkgo

Ginkgo, or Ginkgo biloba, is a hardy tree, unique in that it is the oldest surviving species of tree on the planet. The extract of this plant is effective in supporting the body in various ways, including maintaining healthy brain function.*3

It has quite a long history of traditional use (Ginkgo properties were first recorded around 2,800 B.C.). Today, its benefits are well-researched, with studies backing its use to support cognitive functions such as recall, recognition, memory, attention, concentration, mood, and energy levels.*

3) Spearmint

Spearmint is, of course, a member of the mint family and is known scientifically as Mentha spicata. You probably know this herb well from its culinary uses and because it grows in nearly every temperate climate, though it is native to Europe and Southwest Asia.

While this herb is used in all sorts of products, from jams to mouthwash, it is also used to support health and well-being.* It can help with occasional digestive complaints, support relaxation, and, perhaps most noteworthy of all, help support memory.*4

For example, one study noted that supplementation with Spearmint extract supported the “quality of working memory and spatial working memory accuracy.”5

4) Lemon Balm

Another member of the mint family, Melissa officinalis, commonly referred to as Lemon Balm, is a culinary, cosmetic, and medicinal herb. It has been used to support digestion, promote a sense of calm, and maintain balance for the nervous system.*

Extracts of this herb have “been shown to bind directly to both nicotinic and muscarinic receptors in human brain tissue,” which play a role in learning and memory processes.*6

Lemon Balm may also promote focus and a sense of calm in order to help support a tired brain.*

5) Bacopa

Bacopa (Bacopa monnieri) also goes by the names water hyssop, herb of grace, and Indian pennywort. This pretty, water-loving succulent is prized within Ayurvedic medicine as a nootropic, or an herb that supports mental performance.*

Research indicates that Bacopa can support learning as well as help maintain short-term and long-term memory.*7 In particular, studies highlight its potential to support cognitive performance in the aging population as well as memory free recall.*8,9,10

For example, one study involving adults between the ages of 40 and 65 showed that Bacopa supports the retention of new information.*11

6) Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

Up to this point, we’ve focused on plants and herbs for memory support and brain health, but we’d also like to mention a mushroom called Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus).

It has a rich history of use within Traditional Chinese Medicine as a mushroom for brain and neurological health.* Modern research also suggests this fungus has the ability to support brain health.*

One study involving older adults suggests that Lion’s Mane can help support improvement of mild cognitive impairment.12,13 Though more research is needed to draw specific conclusions, this study shows that Lion’s Mane has the potential to support brain health in positive and significant ways.*

7) Gotu Kola

Finally, we’d like to talk about the herb Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica), which is a member of the parsley family and is regarded as a spiritual herb. It is used to improve meditation, develop the crown chakra, and is known as a rejuvenative herb within Ayurvedic medicine.*

Gotu Kola is often used to support hair, skin, and nail health, but it is also a nervine.* These herbs help support healthy neurotransmitter function, mental alertness, and memory.*

One particular preclinical study notes that the aqueous extract of Gotu Kola “has [a] cognitive enhancing effect.” While we cannot be certain this result directly applies to humans and more research is needed, the findings are promising.*14

Herbal Supplements for Memory and Brain Health*

Now that you know a bit more about some of the most popular herbs for memory and brain health, we’d like to share the easiest way to work them into your day-to-day wellness routine: taking single-herb supplements as well as expertly formulated herbal blends.*

Single Herb Supplements


 Bacopa herbs for memory

Gaia Herbs Bacopa is a full spectrum, single-herb, concentrated extract designed to support brain health during all stages of life.*

This supplement is made with Bacopa grown right in our own greenhouse in North Carolina. Gaia Herbs is one of the only U.S. sources for this revered Ayurvedic herb.

To benefit from this herb, simply take one capsule once or twice a day with meals.*

Ginkgo Leaf

 Ginkgo leaf herbs for memory

To add Ginkgo to your wellness routine, turn to Gaia Herbs USDA Certified Organic Ginkgo Leaf liquid extract or Ginkgo Leaf Liquid Phyto-Caps®.

Both are formulated to help maintain mental focus and overall cognitive health.*

If you aren’t familiar with taking liquid extracts, it’s quite easy: Just add 30-40 drops of Ginkgo Leaf liquid extract in a small amount of water and drink this dose three times daily between meals.

Gotu Kola

 Gaia Herbs Gotu Kola Leaf

Gotu Kola is another herb that is available in a liquid extract. Gaia Herbs Gotu Kola Leaf is USDA Certified Organic and designed to support mental focus.*

As with our Ginkgo Leaf extract, simply take 30-40 drops of Gotu Kola Leaf in a small amount of water three to four times daily between meals.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

 Lion’s Mane Mushroom supplement

Lion’s Mane has a long history of use in Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine for supporting brain and neurological health.*

Our pure Lion’s Mane Mushroom supplement contains only the fruiting bodies of organically grown and sustainably sourced Lion’s Mane mushrooms.

Each capsule contains 2,500 mg of dried Lion’s Mane mushrooms to support mental performance, cognition, focus, and nervous system health.* At 5x strength, you get the support you need in just one capsule per day.*

Herb Blends for Brain Health*

The herbal supplements listed below use a customized, expertly formulated blend of herbs for memory and brain health to provide targeted support.* Keep reading to find out which one may best fit your lifestyle and individual needs.

Ginkgo Supreme

Gaia Herbs Ginkgo Supreme liquid extract 

Gaia Herbs Ginkgo Supreme liquid extract features Ginkgo in combination with Gotu Kola, Eleuthero, Peppermint, and Rosemary.

It also contains Oats, which are grown on our very own Certified Organic Gaia Farm and extracted fresh immediately after harvest to preserve full spectrum compounds for optimal potency.*

By growing herbs ourselves, we can cultivate them exactly the way we want, nurturing and observing each plant until the right moment to harvest.

For plants used in our supplements that we cannot grow on our own farm, our network of organic and sustainable communities allows us to source herbs from where they grow best and where conditions are ideal to produce the highest possible level of botanical compounds.

And as a part of our overall commitment to transparency, we want to make it easy for you to learn more about the origin of your herbs and how they were grown, as we believe that you deserve to know exactly what’s in your herbal supplements.

That’s why we created meetyourherbs.com, the world’s first herb traceability platform. In this program, you can enter the ID number located on the back of any Gaia Herbs product and instantly learn when your product was manufactured and about each herb in your product—where it came from; how it was grown, harvested, and extracted; and its level of purity and potency.

You can be assured that our products are safely produced without the use of pesticides and other toxins that can damage our bodies and the earth.

Nootropic Focus

 Gaia Herbs Nootropic Focus

Made with four of the powerhouse cognitive herbs discussed in this article, Gaia Herbs Nootropic Focus is a great choice to help promote concentration so you can keep up with the demands of a fast-paced life.*

Enjoy the benefits of a revitalizing blend of Saffron, Lemon Balm, Ginkgo, and Spearmint in these easy-to-take Liquid Phyto-Caps®.*

Adults should take two capsules once or twice daily between meals.

Mind Spring

 Gaia Herbs Mind Spring

For memory and brain support in powder form, go with Gaia Herbs Mind Spring. This product contains a synergistic blend of mushrooms and herbs traditionally taken for brain health and recall, including Lion's Mane mushrooms, Turmeric, Ginkgo, Gotu Kola, and Holy Basil.*

Mind Spring is USDA Certified Organic and contains no added fillers, flavors, or sweeteners. You can count on it to be vegan and free of dairy, gluten, and soy.

And best of all—it’s easy to take! Add it to your smoothie or stir it into a milk of your choice. One teaspoon, once a day is all that’s needed.

If you prefer to take brain-supporting mushrooms and herbs via capsules, opt for Gaia Herbs Mental Clarity Mushrooms & Herbs.

Mental Alertness

 Gaia Herbs Mental Alertness

Specifically crafted to support mental clarity, focus, and memory, Gaia Herbs Mental Alertness contains a synergistic blend of Ginkgo Leaf, Gotu Kola, Fo-Ti, Rosemary, and more.*

This is a great formula to help restore focus if you’re feeling overtaxed and distracted.* Adults should take two capsules two times a day between meals.

Support Cognition, Memory, and Brain Health Naturally

Your brain needs to be cared for and supported just like the rest of your body. With the right herbs for memory support and brain health, you can do just that.* Turn to herbs and mushrooms like Saffron, Ginkgo, Spearmint, Lemon Balm, Bacopa, Lion’s Mane, and Gotu Kola.

Find them in concentrated herbal supplements that support the brain, such as Gaia Herbs Ginkgo Supreme, Nootropic Focus, Mind Spring, Mental Alertness, and the others we’ve shared in this article. *

Let these herbs nourish and support your brain to help keep it sharp and functioning at its full potential all day, every day!*


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