Attaining Harmony Through Nature with Gaia Herbs’ Products to Support Women's Health

Published on October 14, 2019

Nature amazes every season, with beautiful changes throughout the course of the year. The stages and corresponding needs in women’s lives have parallels to the seasons that we see in nature, including growth, reproduction, maturation, and the passing of wisdom to the next generation. It’s important that women receive the support that they need to shine through these changes, and herbs can help them along the way.*

Introducing Our New Women's Health Supplements

We are proud to share that our newest women’s products were formulated especially for women by a team of women, led by Dr. Mary Bove, a member of the Gaia Herbs Scientific Advisory Board and an esteemed naturopathic physician and midwife with more than 40 years of experience caring for women as a practitioner.

Rooted in traditional herbalism and science, our newest supplements feature herbs that support a woman during the different phases of her reproductive health journey.

Fertility Support

When a woman is preparing for motherhood, there are herbs well-known for their ability to support a healthy reproductive system and maintain regular cycles.* Fertility Support includes herbs commonly used by midwives and herbalists to support healthy fertility levels, including Chaste tree berry, Dandelion root and Cramp Bark. This formula is recommended for any adult woman seeking to support healthy reproduction function.*

Nighttime Comfort

While navigating the natural changes which occur during peri-menopause and menopause, a good night of sleep may not come easily for many women due to occasional night sweats, hot flashes, and/or restlessness.* Nighttime Comfort features a blend of herbs including Black Cohosh, Mimosa, Passionflower, and St. John’s Wort – herbs traditionally known to help women maintain a healthy hormonal balance during menopause so they can enjoy comfortable and restful sleep.* Emerging research has also shown that the specific combination of Black Cohosh and St. John’s Wort has been effective in providing relief from occasional hot flashes and night sweats during the menopausal years.*1,2

Additional Support for Women

Along with our new products, we offer several other products in our Women's line to help support overall well-being.* From maintaining hormonal balance, to supporting a healthy production of breast milk and the transition into menopause, there's a product for each stage of a woman's life.*

Vitex Berry

Our Vitex Berry, also known as Chaste tree berry extract, helps to maintain a healthy hormone balance and keep cycles regular.* These capsules also help to promote a healthy mind and body during the transition into menopause.*

Lactation Support™

This easy, on-the-go capsule is perfect for nursing mothers. Made with Fenugreek, Fennel, Raspberry leaf and Marshmallow root, Lactation Support product promotes the healthy production of breast milk.*

Women’s Libido

Sometimes the stressors in life take over and can leave you feeling tired and run-down, which can affect a women’s sex drive. With Maca, Damiana, and Horny Goat Weed, Women’s Libido supports a healthy sex drive to help women maintain their spark.*

Women’s Balance

Women’s Balance is another great product to help support women as they continue through the phases of their lives.* This formula of Black Cohosh, St. John’s Wort, and Vitex berry helps to maintain healthy female balance and well-being.* These herbs are also traditionally used to provide relief from occasional hot flashes.*

Black Cohosh

One of the most commonly used herbs for women’s health, Black Cohosh is traditionally used for maintaining balance during menopause.* Maintaining this balance is important for quality of life as women transition and move through menopause, so this product is perfect to help support women during that time.*

Natural Support for Women of All Ages

Finding balance is important for all women. In addition to a healthy diet, regular exercise and restful sleep, incorporating herbs ideal for women's health into their routine is a great way to help support their body during all of life's ages.* Discover our full line of products for women, and find harmony.

1 A review of effective herbal medicines in controlling menopausal symptoms. US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.
2 St. John's wort may cool hot flashes. Reuters.